A “Big” story and Your Life’s Art


I have just posted a dynamic new offering at my website.

I’d love You to visit. Briefly, the storyline goes like this …

“Big” is often seen as … well, Big. You know huge, gynormous, excessive, epic.

Did you know that “Big” can also be the very first step that you take toward a goal of yours or the very first step you take toward following “that” dream of yours?

“Big” can also be stepping outside your comfort zone or thinking outside the box that you have created for yourself.

Big doesn’t have to be epic however the results that you get when you play “Big” … are epic.

And talking about epic Your Life’s Art is the top of the mountain. You are a creation machine. In fact, Your Life is your Art. Read more of this Big story  here  

Be good to yourself


Your Mid Life Revitaliser Coach.

Putting the spark into your 40′s & 50′s

 # In 2014 … Walk with Me. Exercise your mind with Me. Get stronger with Me.

So please join me for coffee, fresh writings, fresh thoughts and ideas at :


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