Heading toward 60 – another line in the sand

The final one.

A few days shy of my 59th birthday and I am realising now, more than ever, the abilities that I have that are still waiting to shine through.

The line in the sand has been set previously. The tide has come in and gone out several times since. The [old] line has been washed away.

Today, I am setting my new … and final … line in the sand, above the high tide marker. Out of reach of “doubt”. Out of reach of “excuses”. Out of reach of “negativity”.

It will remain a reminder of past victories, past defeats and New successes, new Dreams, New resolves.

This line will not be compromised. I again move forward, head held high ready to listen, ready to challenge, ready to teach and ready to explore everything that I have within me.

59 awaits. 60 will be even better.

Thank You for staying with Me.

Be good to yourself


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11 thoughts on “Heading toward 60 – another line in the sand

  1. I love “getting older’. Well, seriously, consider the alternative, I say! My next birthday, like you, will see me turning 59. i have loved being in my 50s and anticipate that being in my 60s will be even better, even richer. Onward and Forward.

    • Hi Stu,
      ThankYou. I’ve been lucky I guess though I do try and get fitter each year … paying off so far. Young thoughts help as well/attitude. Indeed one of my long term goals is to be as fit at 70 as I was at 40.
      Be good to yourself

  2. I’m already 59, as of September. I’m actually looking forward to 60. I have a feeling that there will be a freedom to experience that is muted by social standards right now. 🙂

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