“What if” – can become “When I do”

What if indeed. I wrote a post earlier this year called “What if ….. the biggest question of them all”. What if can open up possibilities and also conjure up doubt, so it’s a double sided coin. Personally,I prefer the possibilities side of the coin. I hope you do so as well.

When is an action word. It eliminates doubt and reinforces intent. It is also a word that is a perfect partner of ‘possibilities’. When the possibility is first opened and then followed thru with the intent of when … there is no holding back.Untitled7

For example:

What if I took that step? ….. when I take that step

What if I took another? ….. when I follow up with another step forward

What if I could change? ….. when I  change the way I think

What if things were different? ….. when I look at things in a different way

This is a fairly simplistic look at it, I acknowledge. However, many things in life can be looked at in it’s simplist form. There’s too much complication in our lives.

Taking that first step out of your cozy , non working comfort zone is easier said than done. However again, a simple change in thought process can ignite the change process and make  that step much more believable to the person snuggled in their cozy comfort zone.

Using the word “when” as a power for good in your life, can make all the difference. Why not try it?

What do you think? I enjoy responding to comments, please leave one.

P.S You can also check out my latest blog post on my website right here … http://www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au/goals-direction/does-your-life-have-too-much-static

Be good to yourself


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8 thoughts on ““What if” – can become “When I do”

  1. It’s funny that you’d refer to your earlier post about ‘what if’ because when I had first read that title back then, I was all set to disagree with you until I actually read the post.

    My mother would get after me when I was a child for getting into the ‘what ifs’. She would tell me that life is what it is. Learn to deal with it and make the very best of it. This included never saying ‘what if’ and, instead, saying ‘when’.

    • Your mother was a wise woman saying that, Glynis.
      We all get the “what if’s” at various times. It’s a matter of converting the ones we want, into “when’s”.
      Thanks for contributing.
      Be good to yourself

  2. All of us can benefit from a change in perspective and this reframing from ‘if’ to ‘when’ is a great example of how we can gain a new view anytime. Nice one David. 🙂

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