Mid Lifer’s Lament…7 questions to turn this around

You are entering your Mid Life years and begin to wonder where your Life has gone. You may have many regrets. More importantly, you are having difficulty seeing a way forward. You have vague dreams of a future that should be better than what you have now.MidLife3

“How do I start to get my Life in better shape?”

Try these questions and see if they will give you a framework on which to build a Life to be proud of…… Be honest, take the time to absorb each question before moving on to the next.

Am I prepared to do what it takes?…..Well, are you? To move forward, changes will need to be made.

Will doing this now make the difference?…..The short answer is “yes”. One more day of regret is one day too much. There may be too much to lose by procrastinating over any change that you need to make. If you are unsure of the change needed, contact someone who can help you.

Do I Love my Life?…..Remember when life was fun? You may need to fall in love with your Life all over again. Do this and the sparks will begin to fly… new, exciting thoughts and actions will follow.

What will happen if I do nothing?…..more lamenting no doubt. Is this what you really want? Doing nothing means things stay the way that they currently are.

How can I make this better?…..by changing what you are doing currently. If your future seems cloudy, change is essential in order to make it clearer. Again, seek help if you can’t find the answers yourself. It’s often difficult doing this on your own.

What will my children think?…..Indeed. Setting a better example will be rewarding in time. Get passionate about your Life and the rewards will be unimaginable.

Can I still be successful?…..Absolutely you can. You are entering a golden period of MidLife12Life. Many successful people didn’t get started until their forties…you can too.

Are these questions helpful? What other questions do you feel would assist?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Be good to yourselves


Life Coach. Listener. Life Lover.

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8 thoughts on “Mid Lifer’s Lament…7 questions to turn this around

  1. I’m a little past starting my mid life. I figure that I’m somewhere in the middle of it right now. I did want to comment on this however, because I think some people going into mid life with the wrong beliefs about it.

    The one thing I noticed when I hit mid life, was that I didn’t feel that bound-up feeling from being forced to follow all the rules. I finally felt that I could voice my opinions and not feel embarrassed if no one disagreed. I finally felt that I had enough experience under my belt to feel comfortable telling someone what to do when they need help. I just feel more complete.

  2. “What will happen if I do nothing?” Wow, there’s a question. If we’re not evolving, we’re dying. Something to think about every single day. Thanks again for such insight, David.

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