“What if”…..the biggest question of them all

This is a great question. However it can be a two edged sword. When used as a rut busting question, this question can open up new thought processes.

When used as a statement of fact, it can reinforce the rut that you are already in.

What do You choose?…..

Here are just a few examples. Will these move you forward or leave you as you are?Today3

What if… I knew all the answers

What if… I could make decisions that would always be right

What if… I had enough money to buy what I wanted

What if… I was fit and healthy

What if… My Life was better

What if… all my dreams would come true

What if… I was Loved more

What if… I had more time

What if… I was famous

What if… I could imagine myself as a success

What if… I had goals for my Life

What if… I was motivated and inspired

What if… I didn’t have to do all this other “stuff”

What if… I could escape from all of this

Will you choose “What if” to open up new opportunities… Now, this moment?

Be good to yourselves


Life Coach. Listener. Life Lover.

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9 thoughts on ““What if”…..the biggest question of them all

  1. What serendipity, David! I just returned from a writer’s retreat and one of the questions the instructor said could break writer’s block every time…”what if?” He was talking about the stories we write, but the story of our life is the biggest one!

  2. One of the exercises I love from Abraham-Hicks is the pivot. If you catch yourself What Iffing in the negative direction, actually turn yourself around and start walking and talking in the opposite, positive direction. Works every time and usually gets me laughing!

    • Hi Sandi,
      A laugh is always good…’pivoting’ sounds good…you’re kind of flipping your current position…being aware of your negative stance in the first instance would be a key
      be good to yourself

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