To Resolve or not to Resolve?…this is the question that needs to be answered

The New Year beckons. What can we do differently than last year? What can we do better than last Year?…these may well be questions on many people’s lips.

It’s a time to set New Year Resolutions…..or is it?

Some Resolutions will “stick” however many will fail. If you must set resolutions, then set them for the right reasons. Sure, bringing in a New Year seems a pretty good reason. Clear the decks and start afresh… I’m all for that.

However, you can do that anytime. So if the “reason” is simply because it’s a New Year, you are behind the 8 ball right away. And many set ‘resolutions’ to please others, another way to head yourself toward failure. In my opinion, you will need a stronger reason if you want to succeed.

But we are not about “failure” here. We are about success. So our New Years Resolutions should really be about You and Your growth during the coming Year…Maybe like this?… Do you resolve to have a better year than last? Do you resolve to set Goals that will “rock your world? Do you resolve to love like you’ve never loved before? Do you resolve to taking action instead of procrastinating?

So if we must set resolutions/resolve anything that is not working right now, that’s fine. That’s good. That’s healthy. Make them meaningful. Really meaningful and lasting.

Resolving “issues” that directly affect us is meeting these head on. It’s not avoiding. It’s not excusing. It’s simply taking responsibility…and that’s good.

I feel a Big wave of excitement coming for You in 2013…..are You ready to ride it?

Be good to yourselves


I help men & women aged 40 & over, make their goals, dreams & longer term Visions for their Life, come true. I want You to be excited about your Life.

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10 thoughts on “To Resolve or not to Resolve?…this is the question that needs to be answered

  1. As children, we were always encouraged to make resolutions but after the initial excitement of doing something new, the interest waned off. Gradually, I learned that it is about developing the habit of what we resolve to do and continuing to do it, while being flexible enough to let go of what does not work and being courageous enough to make changes where relevant. Today, I simply make a wish list. And work hard towards it. 🙂 You know I am fond of lists. At the end of the day, as I go to bed, I want to sleep feeling happy and wake up happy. It works for me.

    Very valuable question from you, today, David. Thank you. I cherish our connection. Love, Vidya

  2. Hi David,

    I like the idea of resolve rather than resolution. We need to set ourselves up for success. Love this line – “So our New Years Resolutions should really be about You and Your growth during the coming Year…” This brings our picture into much better focus. Thank you!

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