How to use “Doubt” to your advantage

Doubt has entered my life recently. This is an uncomfortable feeling. Uncomfortable for two reasons…the first one being that I am usually confident in what do. Secondly, it has me second guessing my every thought and action.

I Believe

Now I am not saying that I’ve never been doubtful before, far from it. This is deeper though. This has the power to strip back my confidence shield.

How do I recover from this?

Firstly, I have acknowledged the presence of doubt. In acknowledging this, I now become aware of this feeling. I must now set out to confront my doubt and turn this around.

The cause…I have been working on some new projects the past few weeks. Things have often not gone to plan and are behind schedule. “Is it meant to be?” I have started to ask. “Doubt” has crept in. Now that seems simple, even innocent enough. It happens to all of us…it’s happened to me often, during my Life.

This time seems different. I sense that it’s a time to re assess. A time for some Self Renewal. A time to re align my Purpose.

In fact, I see many positives coming out of this. Indeed some have come to fruition already. When you doubt yourself it can be coming from lack of confidence, procrastination or a valid reason that the direction I am taking is not the right one for me at THIS moment.

I am now looking at my current situation from a fresh angle. My belief is as strong as ever. My belief in myself is in the knowing that I am able to see ‘the warning signs’ and then make necessary adjustments. The path is not always straight. My Big Picture is still vivid however the steps I am taking toward this have included, some side steps. This is OK.

So when you find that you are doubting yourself (rather than doubting a particular situation), confront it. It’s a message. A message that you need to take notice of if you want to move forward, free from the constraints of ‘doubt’..

It is a time for re assessment. A time for renewal. Finding out the reasons for your self doubt is liberating. It may be difficult to pinpoint this yourself. If so, seek assistance, because having ‘doubt’ as a companion makes the path so much harder to travel.

Be good to yourselves


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15 thoughts on “How to use “Doubt” to your advantage

  1. David,

    Absolutely spot on — I feel that when the doubt sets in, it’s a test of our will and determination. It’s also that nice little “ego” that creeps in and gets so much pleasure in making us feel less than worthy. It’s that “confrontation” you call for that will put that ego back where it came from. Nice post! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. We all doubt sometimes about our decisions we make or situations. I always think , when I have doubt, that it is useless, in the future I will think it was a good decision and how silly it was to have doubt. I have got better and I am a lot more decisive and confident. If I made a bad decision or a mistake then I learn from it. Confronting doubt is the best and believing in yourself. We are more worth than we think of ourselves. Good thinking post. Thanks David

  3. Honest post David. So often I feel I should have all the answers – but obviously I don’t! When I feel doubt (as I do a little right now), I engage my ‘What’s this telling me’ button. Am I off track? Am I doing something I don’t really want to? Am I just scared? It can be any number of things. Awareness is the start point to working through it. Thanks for being candid and imperfect. 🙂

  4. So true David. Doubt appears in my life as a feeling of treading water. I’ve personally learned that it’s always a place I enter just before a quantum leap occurs. So I’m imagining a wonderful quantum leap for you my friend…just don’t leave the rest of us behind and leap too far!

    Love Elle

  5. I’m impressed, David. To put your own dilemma out for others to learn from. Although doubt may be a fear that you need to conquer, there are times when the feeling is a warning sign telling you to step back. And as you said, it is a good time to re-evaluate.

  6. Hi David,

    What I appreciated about this post and some of your other recent ones, is how you’ve explained a real issue that is affecting you at the moment and how you used it as a resource to help you overcome the problem.

    Indeed, there are usually solutions in the problems we face and I wanted to thank you for explaining how we can bring these solutions to light.

    I too have been experiencing some difficulties and I’ve found your recent posts really helpful.

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