Live, Love, Laugh…..3 of the reasons to abide by these ‘Laws of Life’

I was just thinking. Thinking out loud and came up with a few simple notations on the life that we live….. Or some of us do

Here are three of my Laws of Life.

The Three Laws of Life

  • To make a Life you need to Live it.

  • To enjoy a Life you need to Love it.
  • And to Love a Life you need to Laugh a lot.

Well, how about You?

Do you tick all the boxes here?


do you tick one or two?

To live Life fully, all three must be present in your Life. All three must be embraced by You.

“To make a Life, you need to Live it”.

What is “Living”? being aware of your surroundings and …what You are capable of. Then using this awareness to create a Life that you want. That’s a simplistic answer I know. However much of our lives can be lived more fully by adopting a “simpler view of things”. You’ve no doubt heard a million times how good, great, powerful you are. Believe it.

You have the power to Live fully. Just be aware of this power.

“To enjoy a Life you need to Love it”

What’s this guy banging on about, you may be thinking. We go thru periods of enjoyment. We have our ‘ups & downs’. Life is not always enjoyable. Some experience very little joy at all…..“Life sucks” syndrome.

However, if you take a different viewpoint and accept that their will be ups & downs…and love them for what they are, then Life may not suck so much. We can learn a lot from the “downs”. And consequently have greater enjoyment from the “ups”. Love your Life as it is, or how it can be or how you want it to be…just Love it.

It’s there for your taking.

“And to Love a Life you need to Laugh a lot”.

Not necessarily, you may be a serial smiler. However I did want to include this ”law”. I don’t know anyone who truly loves their Life and can’t crack a smile. In fact I bet that most true lovers of Life split their sides with laughter regularly. “Laughter is the best medicine”. Heard that one before?

Laughter is feel good music. It adds to the symphony of Life…and you have to Love that.

Do these ‘laws’ resonate with you? I welcome your thoughts and comment below.

Be good to yourselves


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19 thoughts on “Live, Love, Laugh…..3 of the reasons to abide by these ‘Laws of Life’

  1. I like the it when you said “To enjoy a Life you need to Love it”. We may love our lives more when we find passion in everything we do and when we do the things that we are passionate about.

    Great post David!

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