How to achieve goals worth achieving…..the 4 vital ingredients

Setting goals is one thing, achieving them something different altogether.

And achieving the ones that count…..well that’s at another level again.

We have many goals of varying sizes that we set out to achieve/accomplish during our Life. Upon reflection and being realistic, many of these are “tasks” rather than goals.

Goals are more dynamic than tasks. Goals require deliberate effort. Real goals have real meaning.

Now that’s out of the way, how do we achieve the goals that are worth achieving?

I suggest to start with, you break down the many activities, ideas, actions that are going on in your life. Break them down to a “must do” list and a “can do when I have the time list”.

The must do’s will be the ones that get your juices flowing. These will be the deal breakers. These should have the attention of the bulk of your ‘goal time’. These are the ones that will give you the greatest satisfaction. The greatest achievement.   These goals will be worth the effort.

When I sorted my “must do list”, I needed to test what goals were really worth achieving. I established for myself a benchmark. Any goal that I wanted to set had to pass this test otherwise it was dispatched to the when I have the time to do list.

This benchmark I call “The four Got To’s”…

It’s got to have meaning

It’s got to be exciting

It’s got to give value

It’s got to feel rewarding

Now you may have noticed I used the word “set”. This post is about “achieving goals”. The thing I have found personally and with my coaching clients is that when you set goals with the above benchmarks you are well on the way to achieving these same goals.

These benchmarks influence your thoughts and actions along the way. They drive you forward.

Let’s look at these a little more closely:

MeaningI have written about this in more detail previously (click the link). This is all powerful. Meaning will vary from person to person however it’s something that is “deep” for each of us. When it has sufficient ‘meaning’, you will see it thru.

Excitement…well, my previous post covered this. If it’s not exciting then I seriously suggest you find some excitement within the goal or put it aside. Excitement needs to be a big part of your Life.

Value… personally and professionally, for yourself and/or for others. It has to be worth your investment of time and effort.

Rewarding… similar to value however I am not talking money here. I feel that each goal that I achieve helps me grow. It’s like a building block, each one stacked upon the other sends you upward where the view is so much better.The reward is in the effort…and the growth.

How are your Goals looking? Are you spending a lot of your time on “tasks” rather than meaningful goals?

be good to yourselves


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6 thoughts on “How to achieve goals worth achieving…..the 4 vital ingredients

  1. That’s a great way to break it down David. Thank you! The other thing I struggle with [and there’s a good chance this might only apply to creatives ;-/] is asking yourself if the goal is cooked yet. Some things will only ever happen in their own good time [recognising which ones these are would be a skill in and of itself] LOL

    • Hi Jean,
      Thankyou. By being ‘cooked’ do you mean finished/complete/achieved? If so it will rely on your benchmark when you initially set the goal. ‘Benchmark’ includes timeframe & definitive result. If this is not the case, drop me a line and I will be happy to expand on this for you.
      be good to yourself

  2. I love the way you’ve expressed this David. Whatever our desires, they must be infused with the four qualities you mention. I know it’s all ‘horses for courses’ and for me the qualities you express in terms of goal seeking are the driving force behind accomplishing our desires.
    Love Elle

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