One dose of Excitement…followed by another…and another

I like Excitement. In fact, I am excited about Excitement.

After the previous post when unfortunately Life was sucking a little, it’s time for a rebound!

I see a major challenge for many, including myself at times, is being able to draw excitement even from the most mundane of activities & seemingly boring of moments.

If you truly seek every exciting moment possible then it can be done. I am convinced of that. I wrote a post a little while back where I suggested that you be excited by your Life.

Today we will give our Life some enduring excitement.

Actually, while I think of it…..Your Purpose in Life is to be excited, about your LifeNow that you have found your “calling”, you can get on with it…..and live excitingly.

and this is where it starts. If you have no want to be excited about anything that your life has to offer, then I’m sorry. This story is not for you.

Let us set the scene…What is “excitement”?

It’s likely different things to different people. It may not be jump out of your skin type excitement or a shout it from the roof top type of deal (or may be it is). It could be an inner warmth, a knowing, a tingling sensation.

It may just be satisfaction that all is well. Or a satisfaction in knowing that all will be well, if things are a little off balance for now.

You will probably have your own excitement barometers and that’s fine. Whatever it is, be excited and maintain a vein of excitement throughout everything you do, feel, touch & say. At the end of the day (sorry about the cliche)…….Excitement is an Attitude.

To access this attitude you will need to push aside conflicting attitudes. Like…attitudes of doubt, of procrastination, of fear, of overall negativity.

Excitement is contagious, much like a positive attitude. So passing this excitement along can only be good. It all starts with You. Say “Yes” to excitement.

The recommended dosage of excitement depends upon your need for either an internalised excitement (feeling warm & fuzzy but don’t want anyone else to know) OR externalised excitement (where you are doing hand stands or something similarily outrageous)…..measure accordingly.

Simply take the dosage that is right for you and which maintains your attitude of excitement. The correct dosage, taken daily, will prolong your Life and keep it at the level which you deserve. It will also gladly infect (and affect) those with whom you come in contact.

So who’s with me for having an exciting Life?

be good to yourselves


I help men & women aged 40 & over, make their goals, dreams & longer term Visions for their Life, come true. I want You to be excited about your Life.

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16 thoughts on “One dose of Excitement…followed by another…and another

  1. Hi David

    As you pointed out, it’s in the attitude we have. For instance, I don’t have bad days. I don’t believe there is such a thing. I do have bad moments once in a while but they are just that, moments. I’d rather spend my time getting excited about what is going on in my life.

  2. Love your positive post! Life without excitement makes for a very dull existence. As adults we seem to get so wrapped up in getting things done that we forget to be excited about life. It’s one of the things I love about children – their enthusiasm to get excited about even the smallest things!

  3. Wonderful concept David. As an enthusiastic being I can so relate to this. And it is contagious and I would add, living purposefully with enthusiasm and excitement on a daily basis is cumulative and soon becomes our natural state. Woo hoo.

    Love Elle

  4. Hi David,

    I’m definitely with you on having an exciting Life!

    I agree excitement is an attitude. Those who demonstrate this attitude more often than most stand out too. I believe my own excitement is as you said in your post,
    a general sense of satisfaction that all is well and if things are not going as well, then a quiet confidence that everything will be ok.

  5. Great prescription Dr. David! 🙂
    “Simply take the dosage that is right for you and which maintains your attitude of excitement. The correct dosage, taken daily, will prolong your Life and keep it at the level which you deserve. “

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