Momentum & Clarity…what it means in the Bigger picture of Life

Some start fast, some start slow & steady. Full of ideas and enthusiasm. Energy bursting out everywhere or being slowly released in focus-like fashion.

From either angle there comes a tipping point where the energy, enthusiasm, action needs to be maintained. Maintained in such a way that it simply rolls along with barely a blip or hindrance… you Momentum.

I have found that a basic fundamental from which to build Momentum is a strong base. An anchor point.

When you can anchor yourself in certainty, you can then begin your move forward.

That anchor can be a number of things. For example… It may be confidence in your ability. It may be drawing on a previous success or successes. It may be financial. It may be support from your network, family or friends. It may be a key word or phrasewhatever it is that will trigger you into action and have you stay there.

Not only can you now move forward, you can also draw back on this anchor, if times become a bit tough down the track. Let me explain what I mean.

Mostly our intentions are good. We have our goal/s set, we are enthused. We set out to achieve. Along the way our focus may be distracted thru any number of issues. Some of these we cannot avoid, some we can. In all likelihood we become a little overwhelmed and frustrated by our lack of progress.

Now we need to deal with these distractions so we can get back on track. And getting back on track is what you need to do. Your momentum has been disrupted. This is where we can reach for our anchor point if you find it difficult to get going again. Remember, your anchor point is good not evil. It’s a point of confidence which enables you to get rolling again.

When I talk about distractions your momentum becomes disrupted as I said earlier. There may be a 2nd culprit at play here. As I said, some distractions can’t be avoided. Deal with them & get back on the horse. However if you are lacking in clarity then all the good work you have done will grind to a halt at some point regardless of what other (good) measures you have in place.

It’s fine to be enthused and start taking action on the goals you have set. If you haven’t got a clear purpose or bigger picture on what these goals mean to you then your enthusiasm will likely fizzle out.

And being clear is largely driven by… Meaning. This in my opinion is the single biggest contributor to successful achievement of goals. There’s meaning to it. Sufficient meaning to drive us forward. Lack of sufficient meaning has us asking questions of ourselves …questions of doubt.

So when you set out on your goals, check the “meaning barometer” firstly. Will the goal/s add value to you/to others? Is it strong enough to make you do everything to see it thru? Then make sure that your ‘base’ is firm…you have your anchor/s in place.

If it passes this test then you are off to a terrific start which should then progress to a successful achievement.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

be good to yourselves


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8 thoughts on “Momentum & Clarity…what it means in the Bigger picture of Life

  1. Yes!
    Finding the meaning behind what I choose to do. So often that drive does fizzle out, and this provides such a simple why. I can see where meaning would be such a powerful fulcrum for a goal. How do we miss these simple things?
    Thanks Dave!

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