Self Discovery – an exact science or trial & error?

Self Discovery type questions is by far the most requested search on my blog. I have written two posts specifically on this topic namely 21 Self Discovery Questions to enrich your Mid Life Journey and the brilliantly? named 21 more Self Discovery Questions for the 40+’s to enrich your Mid Life Journey in 2012.

Now let us drill down a bit. The way I look at “self discovery” is by starting with questioning. Simply beginning to question what you are about, what you’ve done in the past, are doing now or the meaning behind what you have done and where you would like to go with your Life, starts you on your Self discovery trail.

Where it ends, well that’s up to you. If you are prepared to continue to question yourself….in a nice way, then you will discover more. The deeper you go, the deeper the discovery.

Do we end up learning all there is to learn about ourselves? …probably not.

Some go on a “quest”…they will literally travel & search the four corners of the earth looking for the missing ingredient(s) in their lives. Searching for more…..knowledge/inner meaning/truth/enlightenment.

Knowledge is a good thing… can’t know too much, I feel. It just depends upon what you learn. Is it valuable or is it just stuff?

Many will continue to yearn for more, to discover our inner most secrets. We will read, we will listen, we will look. All this is admirable.

The “science” is in looking in the right places.

I like to know more. This allows me to grow. I have picked up countless pointers that set me off on my trail to discover more.

Some of the ‘pointers’ are simply short phrases or ‘key’ words that make me think in a different way. They usually lead me to more questions, more “what if’s”. I’m no Self discovery junkie’ but it’s refreshing to be able to change my angle on Life at opportune times & therefore discover…..just a little bit more.

I don’t like staleness.

Which leads me to the second part of the heading…..”trial & error”. Yes, life can be like that. You try out something and see if it’s a good fit for you. If it’s not, then you try something else. The key here is that…you must try. I don’t see any use going thru life not knowing who you truly are or what you are really capable of.

“Trial and error” is where the great discoveries have been & will likely always be made.

“…..what you are really capable of”. Just hold that thought. It’s something that I think of quite regularly. What more can I discover about myself (good things only please) that will expand my capabilities? Am I on the verge of “greatness”?…..are we all?

Wanting to know more by whatever means will separate the steppers from the sitters

Whether it’s a quest to the four corners of the earth or to the four corners of your mind, discovery of self is the greatest discovery that we can make. We will probably make a few mistakes here and there. We will continue to read, to listen, to look, to think, to question or we may get fed up and call it quits. Whatever you decide to do… it well (and don’t call it quits, I was only kidding).

Tell me what you think. Do you feel that self discovery is an exact science or do you prefer the trial & error method OR perhaps…a combination of the two?

be good to yourselves


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7 thoughts on “Self Discovery – an exact science or trial & error?

  1. Hi David – Love that you mentioned ‘trial and error’ as an element for self discovery. Too often in our society, we limit our choices because we’re afraid of not being right. Thanks for the reminder. Fran

  2. For me it is trial and error all the way. Sure, academic knowledge is all well and good but it changes with each era. What was forbidden 50 years ago is fine and dandy now. The scientific method is as unpredictable as the trisl and error one.

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