Opportunities and Excuses…Friends or enemies?

I have missed many opportunities during my Life.

Largely because I have offered myself to many “get outs” or let’s call them for what they are…Excuses.

The funny (or not) thing about this is that I didn’t consider them to be excuses…..but they were.

Subtle, little self talk. Friendly enough. However not the type of friend that makes for a lasting relationship.

When an opportunity comes your way it isn’t always obvious. It may be a “dare”. It may be something “different”. It may be hidden and only revealed once you commit to taking that extra step.

When an obvious opportunity comes your way, you have a choice…either to accept or decline. Now there may well be excellent reasons to do either.

However has excuse played a part in this choice…with or without you knowing?

Excuses make choice easy. You just bail out, fade away from making a more valuable decision…it’s an easy way out. That’s the problem, we like things to be easy.

Opportunities are often ‘hard won’. As I said earlier, they are not always obvious. A great opportunity may unveil itself after a long journey of trial, repetition, trial again, persistence, doubt, perserverance…..

then hey presto! opportunity knocks, it’s staring you in the face.

An obvious opportunity, one that simply presents itself to you & has apparent benefits,  should provide a straightforward response. When it doesn’t, there’s a problem.

When your default response is “No”…excuses may be at play.

Excuses can come from doubt, fear, lack of confidence and people constantly telling you that you can’t do stuff…and you believe it. This then becomes part of your makeup without you being consciously aware.

So when opportunity comes a knockin’, You will find ways to excuse.

A Solution that I will offer is this. Catch yourself/be aware when you are saying “No”, thoughtwise or out loud. Question yourself as to the reason. Is it realistic to be saying “No”?, is it practical?

If it is then fine. If you can’t find a realistic or practical reason then you need to dig deeper. There may be some programming issues/excuses at play…..then get someone to help you with this. I’d hate to see you missing opportunities.

be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “Opportunities and Excuses…Friends or enemies?

  1. Well observed David. My other half was doing this ‘excuses’ process last night. We were talking about opportunities that she has at the moment (career wise) and every one discussed was shot down for some reason. All the reasons lay in fear. Fear of the unknown. She woke up this morning with a different outlook mindset and was immediately more encouraged to look a little more positively.

    • That’s a terrific story Stuart,
      ‘Fear’ can certainly hold us back & a change in one’s mindset paints a different picture. Best wishes for her career, may all the opportunities be positive ones.
      be good to yourself

  2. I also find that whenever you make a big move towards your dreams, the universe throws up a big brick wall to test your resolve. That’s not the time to make excuses, because it means you’re on the right path! Great post, David.

  3. I get this David – as a recovering procrastinator I’ve had to learn the hard way to say yes more often than I say no – as Wayne Dyer said “excuses begone”.
    Very nicely put. Thank you for the reminder.

    Love Elle

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