Stepping Out

…of your comfort zone

…into something new

…to embrace the world

…in style

No matter where, how, when or why you are “stepping out”, I congratulate you.

However, how are you stepping out?

Is it with a great Attitude? Is it with a sense of adventure, of curiosity…is it with boldness or is it with an unease, with caution, perhaps a little fearful?

OR are you rooted to the spot?…if you are stuck to the same spot then you really need to read on.

Taking the first step toward making changes in your Life can be daunting. “Change” can either be accepted or avoided.

If you accept the “change” or shall we call it “challenge”, then that’s the first hurdle overcome. Now, doing something about it…that’s where the ‘steppers’ are separated from the ‘sitters’.

When you truly decide to step out you are in effect, releasing the handbrake on your Life. You know, the one that’s been firmly on, anchoring you in ‘park mode’.

You have now engaged first gear. Again, congratulations.

When you start to step out, the steps may be small…and that’s OK. You may have some hesitancy…and that’s OK.

The difference in continuing to step or shrink back will be largely in your Attitude. A positive Attitude will help you overcome any hesitancy and give you a knowing that further steps will lead you in the best direction and an Attitude that you are tired of getting nowhere…will start you stepping.

True Steppers have Attitude.

Steppers also have these things in common;

  • a sense of adventure
  • they know there is more to be had
  • they don’t like to be tied down
  • aren’t afraid to try something new

I mentioned briefly earlier about “stepping out in Style”. Even the most hesitant of steps or the smallest baby steps can have ‘style’ attached to them. Because steppers know to always put their best foot forward regardless of the type of ‘step’.

True Steppers always have style.

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be daunting. And it would have been daunting for the ancient adventurers of our world breaking free of their homelands to explore far flung lands. These were the steppers of olden days. They stepped, regardless…..and you can too.

True steppers have a sense of adventure.

Stepping out is an art form. The beauty is that anyone can learn. Don’t stand still…start stepping. Please share your stepping adventure in the comments below.

be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. Thank you for this lovely blog. I truly am trying to “step out” of my comfort zone. Let’s see what happens, I’m joining the Sweet Adelines singing group today. Wish me luck!

  2. I have been in debate of stepping out for about a week, but today I took that step. I have started a blog, and for me it has been a big deal. Thank you for this post, and helping me see change can be good.

  3. David, your message resonated well with me. Thinking about my recent Tough Mudder challenge, and how worried I was when I signed up. By stepping out and accepting change, I met the challenge. You have a great message here. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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