12 Choices that I have made this week… some new, some habitual

This week, I have chosen to…..

  • Enjoy my day regardless of what other “issues” come into play
  • allow my thoughts to come to me… rather than force the issue
  • release any negatives that may be playing on my mind
  • consider different options than I have been used to
  • start an exciting project
  • forget past unfortunate decisions
  • forgive myself for not delivering on what I have previously demanded of myself
  • follow my own path
  • trust my Intuition
  • not to follow convention but to throw out the ‘rule book’
  • to break my routine by doing 30 minutes of work in my backyard
  • to forgo the ‘detail’ and map out a bold plan anyway

Now, these are choices that I made. They are not necessarily mind boggling however I made them…..and that’s the point here.

You always have the power of choice. Some may initially appear limited to you… however there is choice.

The beauty that I have found about “choice” is that the more that I exercise it, the more “choices” come into my Life…weird eh?

Not really. It’s about removing the veil, unmasking the mystery. It’s really about opening your mind to it all. Earlier I mentioned that your choices may appear limited. It’s more about the limitations that you are placing on your thinking rather than the choices at your disposal.

Some of the “choices” that I made are habitual hence the post heading. These are choices that I exercise regularly. These are choices that serve me.

Some of my choices are new. I like to keep my mind open to ‘newness’ and replace stale, worn out choices that no longer serve my purposes.I could easily choose an alternative…  do nothing at all & give away my power.

However, I choose to make a ‘definitive positive’ action that serves me well. Choice is power in your hands and…..in your mind.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, please feel free to comment.

be good to yourselves


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17 thoughts on “12 Choices that I have made this week… some new, some habitual

  1. Wonderful choices David that can only take you down the road you want to go. No roadblocks here for you. It sounds as though you already were in the habit of making great choices and since life is an ongoing affair it’s a good idea for us all to continue to make new choices as we go along. I’m with you all the way. 🙂

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  3. Spot on David, we do always have a choice. The key is to take control of the choices, and to take responsibility for them, even when they are bad choices! And yes I have made plenty of both! Cheers for the reminder.


  4. Those are some great choices. We do always have a choice and what decisions we make can greatly impact our day. I think some of the ones you have here are ones people might not realize are choices, like the one to release negative thoughts. Great stuff.

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