Are you drowning in a world of detail?

Give me a “hell yeah” if the heading resonates with you.

Detail slows us down. It stifles creativity. It cramps our freedom of expression.

Yet “detail” is so prevalent  in many parts of our Life.

It’s like having rules with extra fine print attached.

I’m not much of a ‘rule follower’. I like to exercise my freedom to create, without unnecessary restriction.

So, how do we express ourselves, live free and create, with so much detail hanging around us?

TRUST… your Big Picture

If you don’t have a bigger picture of how your Life should pan out for you then you will likely be chasing around, hanging on to every ‘detail’ that comes your way. Trying to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”. That’s fine if you work in a Law firm.

If you do have a ‘Big Picture’, you have something to rely on. Have faith that it will turn out. Keep showing up. Keep the dream in focus. The greater the focus, the greater the pull. Your Big Picture is like a magnet. It draws you ever closer…and it draws all of the necessary detail with it. Without you having to worry about it.

Avoid the messy detail, keep your Big Picture alive.

Are you caught up in every ‘detail’ imaginable or is your Big Picture in focus? Let me know below.

be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “Are you drowning in a world of detail?

  1. I read your title and immediately said YES! I am a rule follower but I love the idea of Trust. I’ve tried to have trust in my life since I became a Zen Mama 4 years ago. It’s really helped me tremendously. Thanks for the reminder David!

  2. Interesting that you used that example, because I used to work in a law firm. And I used to tell myself to actually avoid looking at the big picture — of what I wanted and whether I was getting it — because that would slow the progress of my work! I’m glad my priorities are a bit more aligned today.

  3. Hi David,

    I am not big on details, i follow the big picture one step at a time. As for my hubby, now he is a big detail person. (being an engineer) doesn’t help the problem. Sometimes I look at him and let him know it one forward step at a time. I will figure out detail if I have to,
    Thanks for sharing,

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