3 Power packed ways to take positive action (when you haven’t a clue what to do)

This is a re-post of mine from last year with some additions/alterations. Hope you (still) enjoy…..

Warning! This is a Coaching post. It’s brief, there’s no mucking around, it’s straight to the point…(which is my intent  with most of my posts).

Further warning! Some of this language may offend or even worse, for my International friends, be too Australian (if that’s possible). There is some attempted humour but mostly it’s serious…….

Metaphorically speaking, if you are swimming against the tide, treading water, spinning your wheels, up sh*t creek without a paddle…you obviously need to take some action to get going forward & get out of this predicament.

Before you can start…….

You first need to Gain Traction

then ‘step by step’

build Momentum…..

Let’s identify what these steps really mean…..

“Traction” = stop the slide, gain some grip, shore up your defences, plug the gaps, review your ‘battle plan’, build a base, initiate thought processes

Often when I am coaching clients who have found themselves “on the slide”, I ask them to visualise the last time they tasted success, anchor themselves to that point…then commence the building process.

“Step by Step” = one foot in front of the other, constant movement, thought supported by action, never give up, keep punching, “motion with motivation”

It’s often the small steps which count the most. Especially in the stages of recovery from sliding or being frozen stuck. Just making those steps, with persistence is critical to you making any longer term gains.

“Momentum” = success thoughts colliding with action, on a roll, unbeatable, it’s all downhill from here, effortless motion, well oiled machine

Having “momentum” is where it’s at Life Lovers. When we build and maintain Momentum then there is No holding us back.

These three “steps” may seem simple, in fact they are. I’ve found (and you may have too) that often the simple things, the blindingly obvious, are the ones oft overlooked or not even sighted……they elude our personal radar.

When you find yourself on the slide & you will at some stage, step back & look for some traction. Something that will give you some grip & leverage from which to move forward.

Once again, using the details above…….

When you put your traction in place, you can then start moving step by step, continually motivating yourself to keep going.

This will in turn, build your momentum…….

You are on your way (again).

Does this make any sense to You? I’d love to hear your comments.

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be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “3 Power packed ways to take positive action (when you haven’t a clue what to do)

  1. I always think about babies – they never rush. Which is probably why going steadily is described as baby steps. Great post – and I always appreciate how you pack a very meaningful punch in a short sweet post. Have a great weekend, David.Thank you for mentioning my blog 🙂

  2. This was an inspirational post for those like me who have a tendency to slip back too often in our journal forward. As I find my traction, I also make sure I find the place where I started to slide back so that I can make sure to re-enforce there.

  3. Hi David,

    This makes perfect sense to start the process of rebuilding your life. Taking action is the key and letting go of denial and procrastination. Great tips! Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your weekend!

  4. Hi David,

    Thank you so much for reviving this post with some additions. This is my favourite post of yours.

    The 3 steps you have included are very powerful. Their beauty for me lies in their simplicity and clarity.

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