A Path well travelled…and many worn out shoes

I am stepping thru Life, mostly forward.

However there are times when my steps become heavy. Like walking thru thick thigh deep mud. It’s an effort to raise my legs for another step.

Must rest.

Effort it seems, does not always bring “reward”.

Does this sound familiar to you? The steps you take appear to be getting you nowhere?

Do you then Stop and go no further, give up?

I had an illumination a while back and realisedthat the Reward is really in the Effort.

Now when I rest, it is to review the path and see how far I have come. All those ‘efforts’, those steps…I have come a fair way indeed.

And when I see that, I reward myself. A self congratulatory ‘pat on the back’, some positive silent self talk, the occasional yell of delight.

When you rest, try spending a few minutes checking your path well worn. How far have you come? Is your path straight and narrow, winding, full of detours, U-turns or are you back to where you started?

My shoes are well worn now. Though I can always get another pair.

This is the effort. My shoes are a metaphor for all those efforts that I have put in. When my efforts seem exhausted, I can dig deep for some more (get another pair of shoes).

And I can say that my path has had it’s fair share of detours, U-turns and winds. However I believe I have come far…and that pleases me. I realise also that I have far to go.

There is a ‘destination’. I can make it out in the distance, beyond the hills and valleys but I can see it. This pleases me.

This is the choice that you have and have always had. Keep wearing the same pair of shoes, keep them nice & clean, wear them only on certain days of the week and stay where you are in Life OR

wear them out with effort…moving yourself forward…step by step and getting somewhere with your Life.

Keep stepping Life Lovers.

If this post pleases you and/or the questions raised have some relevance for you, then please comment below and share this post with your Universe.

be good to yourselves


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18 thoughts on “A Path well travelled…and many worn out shoes

  1. 🙂 David, I love how you connected effort with the pairs of shoes. Beautiful. It is good to have a few pairs for creative effort and change. So refreshing.

    Oh, but your header is just mesmerizing!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Love, Vidya

  2. Beautifully put David. I know those shoes pretty well and being a shoe person, its’ great to wear them out and step into a brand spanking new pair!


  3. Hi David,

    I found this post very inspirational. Such a powerful message described in a simple way.

    As you say, let us continue making efforts. There is nothing to fear. Those shoes can always be changed.


  4. > the Reward is really in the Effort
    True that.

    My best results have been my best efforts … but if I got the results without the efforts, I would have missed the meaningful journey, and the opportunity to expand what I’m capable of.

    Where this really hit home was when I was listening to John Wooden. He made the point that happiness in life is peace of mind, and that peace of mind comes from doing your best. The example he gave was that if you won the game, but didn’t play your best, did you really win … and if you lost the game, but you played your best, did you really lose? …

    … I thought that was perfect.

  5. This post reflected what I’ve been going through. My path has gone full circle a couple of times now. Each time I start again I taken a slightly different path know that the general way to go is right but the path I chose last time was veering off to where I didn’t want to go.

  6. I like how positive you sound, even whilst there have been detours and U-turns. It has been the same for me with trudging on in spite of the challenges that come along. It has not always been a straight road and sometimes it can be disheartening. But as you’ve said, the shoes are meant for walking. My intention is to continue my journey because I won’t want it any other way.

  7. David….Great post! I love your metaphors of journeying forward regardless of the obstacles you face. As a matter of fact, without the obstacles the journey has no meaning. Fran

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