Is it problematic or simply questionable?

How often do you question your actions, beliefs, your Life?
  • Do you have a need to?
  • Have you thought that there may be an alternative to what you are doing in your Life right now?
Which begs the question…”Do I carry on as per usual OR do I look for answers that can  lead me toward a more fulfilling Life?”
  • This is assuming that your “usual” may not be fulfilling. By all means, if you have your Life in the order that is giving you excitement and content, please carry on.
Now if things aren’t the way that you would like, asking some questions may well be “the answer” that you have been looking for.
Which ones are best?…for example

  • What questions will allow you to grow?
  • Which questions will start unlocking the answers for you?
  • Do your questions pose more problems than answers?

The last “poser” is an interesting kettle of fish. What if (there’s those two words again) when we start to ask ourselves questions, we dig ourselves a hole and create more problems than what we had to start with?…(sorry about the long sentence)

I suggest you not worry about that. Simply asking a straight up question won’t necessarily give you a straight up answer. There’s often a detour here and there before the answer reveals itself. The trick is to keep investigating, keep opening up the possibilities thru the art of questioning until… arrive at the answer that you are looking for.

It’s a great start to just take the time to look at where you currently stand with your Life. You can either accept your current position and do no more or you can look at ways of improving your current position (if you are not happy), as simple as that.

“How can I…”   “What do I…”  “How will I…”  will preface searching questions

and of course “What if I…”

You just have to start, the questions will flow soon after and answers will begin to emerge. (If you have any problems with this I will be delighted to help)

Understanding the value of great questions enhances the experience.

Questions that will give true meaning to your Life, that is.

These types of questions will add value to you. You will have ‘problems’ along the way however remember that without problems, questions would not be necessary…it’s part of the equation. Some answers will come immediately, a breakthrough hallelujah … others will take a little time.

What questions have you been asking of yourself lately?….OR

Do you have questions that you should be asking?

Please share in the comments below.

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Be good to yourselves


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25 thoughts on “Is it problematic or simply questionable?

  1. Hi David,

    This was a brilliant post and you covered the importance of asking the right questions, fantastically.

    What I loved in particular, is how the questions are all solution oriented. They encourage a person to look at possibilities and take the action, which is necessary.

    Such questions are so important to make any positive changes.

    This was a great post, and I’m off to share it on my social networks…

  2. Hi David,

    Great reminder to ask ourselves the right kind of questions on a regular basis. We can be energized, inspired and expand our horizons when we question our belief system and learn new ways of thinking. Take care.

  3. Excellent advice David (as usual from you!). Neurologically our human brain has evolved to be the #1 problem solver on the planet. Our mind is hard wired to find solutions and because we are a linguistic species, language is incredibly powerful at evoking thoughts. When we ask a question (or anyone asks us a question) our mind can’t help but run off to find the answer. We must try to keep the questions framed in a positive context, EG: Instead of asking ‘Why am I such a loser?’ instead ask ‘How can I be more successful at [xyz]?’ Always love reading your posts my friend, they get me braining. 😉

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  5. David …some excellent questions that can help us get re-aligned, focus on our values and mission, and have confidence in ourselves. Thanks for a fine post. 🙂 Fran

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