5 Powerful ingredients that add “Meaning” to your Goals

In a much earlier post, I specified the 5 effective steps that I believed were essential in achieving meaningful goals.

Now I want to introduce you to what I believe are 5 powerful ingredients to add real meaning to your Goals.

Passion, Persistence,  Imagination, Vision, Gratitude

These are not new and will be well known to you all. I have joined them as one defining resource or collective if you will.

When used in this way, you will create an avenue toward real meaning with your Goals.

It is however my experience, one or more of these ingredients (in some cases all) are found lacking when people set out to achieve goals. Or set out to achieve anything more than what they have at present. It’s like going on a road trip with only half a tank of fuel and expecting it to get you the whole journey.

Let’s have a closer look.


Without this your goals will fizzle…out. Passion is a vital and common ingredient amongst all successful achievement and all successful people. It can be an overused term and it’s not my intent to do this here. I struggle to give a specific description of passion however my best effort is along the lines of “when you are doing something that excites you, makes you feel fully alive and gives you a tingling feeling, then you are passionate”…..and you can see this in the people who are truly passionate.


It’s rarely a smooth trip when chasing your goals. There will be rough patches. Hanging in there when the going gets tough is a must. Looking for a gap thru the ‘roadblock’, a breakthrough of some kind requires persistence. If you are prepared to be persistent, regardless, then the end achievement (of your goal) is the more meritorious and meaningful.



Thinking outside the box, outside the square is a valued trait. When setting goals especially Big ones that may seem ‘out of reach’, imagining the positive end result before you set out certainly stokes the fire, gets you excited…..and that’s pretty powerful meaning at work, right there. p.s I’ve written a number of posts on “Imagination”…some links are found at the foot of this post.


Having the ability to look ahead, to stretch the boundaries of what normally is expected and create something new and powerful is Vision at it’s best. This is where the meaningful goals are created. Vision and Imagination are like identical twins. They go hand in hand and have created so much in our world. Use them yourselves and create added meaning to your Life.


What’s this got to do with “meaning” you might be saying? Well, in my experience being grateful adds an extra dimension to the meaning of my existence, my Life. And during this Life, I have set and achieved many goals. There is still much that I want to achieve. Being grateful for “future achievements” when initially setting my goals adds punch and confidence during the goal achievement journey.

Can this be helpful to you? I’d love to hear your comments.

Be good to yourselves


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17 thoughts on “5 Powerful ingredients that add “Meaning” to your Goals

  1. Excellent David. I do my gratitude mantra daily. It helps me accept what IS whilst I’m striving for what ‘could be’. When I did Bob Proctor’s ‘Goal Achiever’s Program’ he urged people to continue for their goals no matter what, change the timescale if necessary but NEVER the goal. I’m not so sure, I think as we mature, our goals can morph. As long as we are aware of our motive for allowing the goal to morph – if it’s fear, then no, do not stray from the course. But if it’s because our dream has developed and is now slightly different, forcing ourselves to achieve an outdated goal can become pointless. What do you think? 🙂

    • Hi Stuart,
      Thanks for calling in. Our dreams will certainly vary as Life moves on. An earlier dream can change or upscale into something bigger, better perhaps. I think that when we commit to following our dreams then the gates open & further dreams come into play…as long as we don’t let them die
      be good to yourself

  2. David, you’re the best at succinct and powerful posts! I’ve started a new habit. Meditate, review goals and dreams in the morning and at night review the day with gratitude. So helpful!

  3. Great post David. I especially liked this ‘Being grateful for “future achievements’ ~ it speaks to me probably because I don’t do anything, make any move at all, unless and until I’ve invested time in gratitude for experiencing my desire.

    This is because I learned pretty early on that the actions I take after investing in imagining my desired outcome is always different than the actions I take when I was ‘too busy’ to invest in myself. 🙂

  4. You have, in my opinion, found the basis for a meaningful life in general. Notice that I didn’t use the word ‘happy’. Life is yin and yang so expecting happiness all the time is a lost cause. I think some people have a difficult time understanding what gratitude is and so this is where their lives unravel.

    Take care of yourself.

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  6. Love how you’ve pointed out five qualities that are so beautifully interlinked, David. Together, they all lead to a glorious victory.

    Your blog header looks fabulous!

    Love, Vidya

  7. Hi David,

    Those are the 5 perfect ingredients for a meaningful life. When reaching for any goal, we need a plan and a disciplined focus. You’ve laid it out beautifully in your post. Love your new site image. Take care.

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