Goal Achievement, Dream Satisfaction & setting your personal Compass

I believe that in general, we like to get things done, in fact we Love to get things done.

We love to achieve.

It’s a natural thing. Nobody wants to go thru Life with no achievement at all, no matter how big or small.

Our achievements come in varying sizes according to our perspective. Big for some is small for another & vice versa. They are our achievements and we feel good about them.

There are however, brave souls among us who will step out of their cocoons and strive for far distant goals. They will have dreams of things far beyond their present circumstances.

They will not accept that their current Life is “all that there is”. They will not be satisfied until…..they are living the Life that they dream of.

They will venture into unchartered waters with any fear pushed aside. With this strong desire, they will achieve far greater than most.

If you have the “will” …you will

So where do you stand, fellow Life Lovers?

Are you in your cocoon, achieving small, sometimes “big” or what you perceive as big or are you prepared to take the extra steps and reach for the horizon?

And speaking of horizons. It can seem so far away. To get there one needs to have ‘direction sense’ otherwise the horizon will always be just that…the horizon in the distance.

I suggest that you carry your personal compass with you at all times. Check on it regularly. Is your direction heading correct? Are there adjustments to be made?

Is a new direction heading warranted?…the horizon may be shifting so a shift in course may be the way to go.

This is what it’s about. There is rarely a straight line to the finish when it comes to our many dreams and goals. Little adjustments in direction a tweak here a tweak there are required.

This is where your personal compass comes in handy. You need to know when adjustments are necessary and alter your course accordingly.

“Journey” is a word often used to describe many of our Life’s events. It is up to us to make this journey as satisfying as possible otherwise the journey becomes a ”trek”…..to nowhere in particular.

And that would be disappointing.

Be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “Goal Achievement, Dream Satisfaction & setting your personal Compass

  1. What I have noticed in my life and the lives of others is that most ‘big’ achievements are made without being seen until the end. They come from achieving those ‘little’ goals.

  2. I was thinking about this very topic this week! Thanks for this. I notice that those who are truly successful and are power players in society are those who lead unconventional lives, who broke off the mill that society has ingrained in us to follow and followed their own heart and dream, not what society said they should do or were qualified to do. If something did not vibe with them well, they did not do it or go along with it simply for the sake of agreeing with others and appeasing them. If they got fired from a job, so be it, it was a learning experience for them and served more of a trigger to go another way that suited them. They did not grieve like most people do and freak out about it. In all such cases, the person had to leave that job, as they did not belong there, so it was a sign, a “kick”, from the universe to get out and do something that actually vibes with them. In all cases I have noticed, people lowered themsleves for the job, something you are not supposed to do, according to the Masters, for you are to reach your full potentioal in this life and lowering yourself to meet others’ standards creates bad karma for you. You feel it while you are there, anyway, so it is best to read the signs and screw what others say. People will always criticize no matter what, but is is more a reflection of their own feelings and not what you are actually doing.

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