Sharing….. and Caring about the end Result

I have been a firm believer for a long time that sharing oneself, one’s skills with others is a valuable contribution to community.

Sharing of thoughts, kind words, tangible goods, cash, conversational support all go a long way to strengthening the very fibres of our local community.

Now, if every body got involved with sharing for the greater good…

this “local strengthening” could become global… that would make waves.

It was just a thought.

A shake of the hand, a warm embrace and a kind smile are all so easy to give and mean so much. Why not make this our daily ritual?

“Sharing” oneself is great for the soul.

The ability to share is with us all. We just need to flick the switch and turn on the ‘share mode’.

It will make you a better person. It will make others better people also.

Sharing is a great start. However, caring about the results of your sharing is even greater.

When we take that first step toward a goal, a target or anything that we simply want to get done, we will have a result in mind.

We will have sufficient care built in, to ensure that the result is what we want.

It might not always work out the way that we had initially intended (sometimes a better result ensues) however caring about the intended result adds a vital ingredient to the whole ‘taking the first step thing”.

The same with sharing. Just take that first step.

When we care about the ‘result’ of “the share”, it multiplies the effect.

Therefore,I believe that to share effectively… a generous dose of caring must be part of the mix.

What do you think? Is Caring and Sharing worth the effort? Does anybody care enough these days?…I’d love to hear your thoughts

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Be good to yourselves


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27 thoughts on “Sharing….. and Caring about the end Result

  1. Nice one David. I see the ‘share’ as a thread that connects us to the one(s) we share with and the ‘care’ is the strength of that thread. As we weave through the day we spread that thread like a beautiful web connecting more and more, holding the community together. Lovely thought my friend, lovely. 🙂

  2. David, you are so right — sharing is something that is so easy to do, but sometimes we can get caught up in thinking about ourselves and we forget the little ways we can share with others. Great post!

  3. Hi David,

    Caring and sharing make for a wonderful, full happy life. When we care and share it is like a field of flowers blooming in the spring. New seeds just keep coming up. thank you for the reminder, we all need to make caring and sharing a habit, so we have a better world to live it.,

    blessing to you David,

  4. *Love* this post David. Hits a perfect note. We can all ‘surf’ the waves of the world as we participate in and encourage caring and sharing. What a great read. Thank you so much.

  5. 🙂 I live it, David. I care for everyone I come in contact with and it doesn’t matter to me whether I know them or not. Sharing and caring is a must if we want to do our bit to make a better world.

    Beautiful post. Thank you!

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  7. David,
    Definitely caring and sharing are all part of our life….without it – what would it be like?

    Not for me – I continue to smile and care enough to help out.

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