Life moves on – Reflections upon lessons learned from a Valuable Friend

Last year I wrote two posts inspired by my dog and awesome friend Sam. I believe that there are lessons for us all from these posts and that was my intent for writing them.Sammy

This week, my friend lost his battle with his health and is now in ‘doggy heaven’ with his great friend Maddie, our staffy who passed on nearly three years ago.

Sam was a tough bugger,  recovering from a big operation caused by a ruptured ACL last November, smaller op this year for a haematoma and cartlidge damage to his leg, two months ago. He had also developed a heart murmur which was discovered when ‘prepping’ him for his operation on the ruptured ACL.

Unfortunately on Tuesday, the Vet specialist found an aggressive tumour on his spine…..we knew from an earlier appointment that day that there was some form of spinal interference and were hoping for a disc to be the issue…..he had lost the use of his hind legs the previous day.

Yet in spite of all the dramas, Sam retained a cheerful face and love in his heart for his family, right to the end.

  • In spite of all the odds that may be stacked against us, find the “will” to keep going and live another day to the full extent of your capabilities

With your indulgence, I have reposted some of the two prior posts relating to Sam…….

Post 1.
“These are all characteristics that I associate with Sam. These are also characteristics that I have learned are useful in pursuing the things that I enjoy. Sam has helped me reinforce these into my psyche”.
Persistence …You have to have it. If you feel that you are on a winner, keep going, don’t stop and never, ever , ever give in. Does your dog “shadow” you like mine until he gets what he wants?
Appreciation… when someone says something, does something that you really like…tell them or show them how much you appreciate it. It will come back to you ten fold. Sam lies at my feet, nuzzles up next to me when I have “done him good”. You might not want to try that specifically however hopefully you get my point.
Enthusiasm…Boy is it contagious or what! If you’ve been around “enthusiastic” people you know that it rubs off onto you. Show enthusiasm & people will gravitate toward you. Ever seen a dog wag his tail? then I need say no more.
Follow through(thru)…when you start something or say that you will do something, then keep the action going. Follow through with your sales leads, personal contacts, Business contacts. Don’t leave anybody or any thing “hanging”. I have never seen Sam leave a bone or any food for that matter, unfinished…..he follows through on what he started.
Determination… similar to ‘Follow thru’ & ‘Persistence’ however with a “dogged” touch to it. Determination is what I call a start up trait. One needs to bedetermined to initiate the actions that will bring one success, joy, happiness. When determination is present, Follow thru & Persistence are flow ons…… (like a dog with a bone, he wants one & is determined to get it, then finishes the job)
Chill… If you’ve read some of my recent posts including Just Chilling then you know that I am a fan. Sam is one of the best “chillers” that I have come across…..check the photo for proof. Make time to “Chill” & reflect on your gratitudes.
Love… One of the best feelings. One that I have felt before & on numerous occasions however my faithful dog is always loving regardless. Something that I have learned is extremely valuable. The love of my faithful friend is all consuming.
Post 2.
“Well I have learned One more valuable lesson. Sam had a recent injury & is now recovering at home from surgery. He had an operation this week to repair a snapped Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).Did he complain? No, he just got on with it. There he was limping around, after diagnosis by Vet last weekend, business as usual. No complaints.Sure he must have been in pain though I think he is now in more after surgery, at least in the short term.Nevertheless, he soldiered on as I said, business as usual…..except for his daily walk with me that is.

“Resilience under pressure”…..doing what you have to do regardless of the obstacles.

This is another lesson well learned. Doing what has to be done regardless of how you feel either personally or how you feel about the job at hand.

“Resilience” is something that we all need to draw on when things get ‘tough’. Inspiration gets you into a state of “I’ve just got to do it”…..Motivation pushes you “to do it”…..Resilience helps you “keep doing it” when obstacles appear.

When have you needed “resilience” in your Life or are there times when you wished you had used some? Share your thoughts in the comments below, you know I like to read & reply.

By the way, the love of my faithful friend is being returned 100 fold from all our family during his recovery”.

Thankyou for your indulgence. Sam is resting now and I will always remember the lessons that I have learned from my true Friend.

be good to yourselves


# Bonus Read…..“You only live once, so make it Meaningful” Joe Wilner Shake Off the Grind

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25 thoughts on “Life moves on – Reflections upon lessons learned from a Valuable Friend

  1. I think we learn so much about what life is suspose to be like when we pay attention to the traits of our familars…friends…
    I like this…you put their lessons they taught in such a ……..a simply beautiful way….
    simple reaches deeper than any thing I have experienced for no matter what our familars go through
    they simply love us back….nothing is better than that
    a great post…
    I am sorry for your lose, and though I won’t say I know how you feel for each sorrow is unique to the individual experience, I do empathise for I have let many go….I take in all who wander in on my little acres here…all are welcomed and I get attached to their love instantly…it is never any easier when I lose one that I have held for a day or 20 years …..
    Thank you for a wonderful post…
    Take Care…

  2. Hi David,

    I just love the “calm” that your writing brings me, every time. My husband’s dear friend was visiting last night, for the first time since he lost his young wife in March and his beloved dog only 2 weeks later. It was very hard to watch the pure pain that he is in. My mastiff and the middle sized dog just would not leave the poor man alone – they wanted to sit in his lap (the mastiff tried), lay at his feet, and wiggle their bodies all over him, tails going a million miles an hour. It’s like they know how he feels and are trying to comfort him, or so it seemed to me.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. We have a tendency to think we’re the only species that knows anything. It’s obvious to me that other animals know quite a bit more on some important subjects about life.

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  5. David,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Dogs are such wonderful creatures and great friends, and it hurts so much to say goodbye. Thanks for sharing these wonderful lessons and inspiration you got from Sam.

  6. Hi David,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like Sam was an amazing friend.

    The attitudes and characteristics you learnt from Sam are wonderful lessons for all of us. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

  7. Hi David,

    I’m sorry for your loss. Our pets, dogs in my case as well, become part of the family. As you explained in your post, when we take a moment and watch how they operate in life, we can learn so much. I love your list of lessons!

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