You can Design your very own Mid Life years…You have the Power

If you are aged 40 & over, please read on (others do so at their own risk, but you are welcome anyway).

Life is a Journey.

Mid Life is an Adventure.

I’ve said that before and I am proud to say it again.

Join me now for an intimate Mid Life Love fest, just you & me. The adventure is about to begin. I want you to design the best Mid Life that you can imagine.

You deserve it. This is a golden time. Make it count.

Make it last (there’s no end date if you’re having Fun).

I have spoken before about mid-life adventure and also asked questions about mid-life journeys. At the end of the day, I believe it’s all about learning & discovery, having huge amounts of Fun while you are at it And…adding a healthy dose of Purpose.

Here are  a few ‘design ideas’ that you may wish to experiment with to make your Mid Life years stand out.

  • “I have worldly experience to use & to share & to contribute”…..well, what can I design from this? What are my experiences, how can I best use them? I really do have something to offer…my best years are ahead
  • “The questions that have bothered me before are now bringing answers, magically it seems”… much more can I learn from further questioning? I can shape my experiences…..and therefore, my Life.
  • “I am developing Greater self awareness…….I have become more aware of who I really am”…..Imagine the potential that I can now release and make use of. I am Me & proud of it. This is My Life to live.
  • “My passion for Life has become more “real”…….I can now taste it, embrace it & touch it”…..the boundaries are being pushed out further & further, my scope is endless. Let me loose, the power is in my hands.
  • “I fit in to my own view of the world”…..the world is my oyster, let’s go harvest a Fun time
  • “Fitness & good health are now top priorities & I can see, feel & enjoy the benefits”…..the Life that I will now be living won’t be interrupted by poor health, the possibilities are endless. I can design anything that I want.
  • “I answer to no one other than myself”…..I make my own ‘design’ rules. I am going to design myself something incredible.
  • “I enjoy my mistakes. Previously I just saw them as ‘mistakes’…….now I know better”…..OK, sometimes I stuff up, maybe a ‘design fault’ here & there. But that’s allright, I’m still learning & that’s part of my journey.
  • “My Imagination has no limits, it often runs wild…….I love it”… designs are endless, I can do what I want.

* Admittedly,I am biased.I know that Mid Life is golden.

I also know that it can get away, fast.

* Grab it, hold it, embrace it, feel it, touch it, love it, learn from it…….enjoy it!

What sort of mid life do you wish to design? Don’t be afraid to share.

be good to yourselves


# Bonus Read…..from Andrea DeBell ” How to use your imagination to create happiness

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11 thoughts on “You can Design your very own Mid Life years…You have the Power

  1. My mom always said her 40s, 50s and 60s were her best years. So I looked forward to those mid years. And I guess I’m right smack in the mid years now and I am having the time of my life! Great post David!!

  2. Since I have hit 50 (7 years ago that is), a confidence in myself has arisen that sometimes surprises me. I feel that the true me is now out for all to see. Now, if I can just get some of the fat off of me, I’d be perfect.

  3. There are certain things that I love about being ‘grown up’ (LOL). yes there’s freedom, letting loose, doing what pleases you and not what you ‘should do’, getting rid of the clutter, and honing in on the essence, knowing what really matters….and yes, being grateful for our health. As I grow older, life become sweeter, more tender. Small nothings move my soul and take my breath away. 🙂 fran

  4. Lovely and powerful post David. I know too often people feel it’s too late to design one’s life as an adult. And while there may be more busyness, more responsibilities and feel too “hard” it’s invigorating when one sees the truth and takes the action to commit as though they are ageless.

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