Living Life Today – Kick some Butt when your Energy is High

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

To fully live each day, our energy levels need to be at maximum. On a physiological level, that is extremely difficult to maintain throughout an entire day.

And on a mental level, equally so.

However, fuelling our energy levels with exercise and proper diet helps give us ” the best chance possible” to be at an effective energy output…..physically.

On a mental level, frequently fuelling ourselves with positive thoughts, avoiding draining situations and people, maintains high mental energy reserves.

The more positive the re-inforcement and the more regular, the better our energy reserves.

Sure we will have ‘down times’…..times when we are necessarily affected by external circumstances and times when we simply have to take a break…..and that’s fair enough.

Again, I am talking about giving ourselves “the best chance possible here”.

Having an Attitude that will pick you up at the right times is what I call, a terrific “energy aide” & provides a timely Boost.

Here’s 3 more kick butt energy aides that may help you get things done more effectively…..and more often:

  • Tune into your energy frequency, know & select the times of each day when you feel at peak energy… and make them your ‘kick butt’ sessions
  • ”Fuel up” on positive thoughts & positive readings when you are feeling a little flat. Absorb what nature has for you, be aware of your surrounds…be thankful…drink it in
  • Exercise your body daily as well as your mind. Keep physically fit and eat nutritious food regularly…consult a health practitioner if necessary.

What suggestions do you have that can be used as “Energy boosting Aides”?

Be good to yourselves


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16 thoughts on “Living Life Today – Kick some Butt when your Energy is High

  1. Hi David, I so often refuse to do this. Sometimes I’m sidelined by a chronic pain syndrome and keep pushing myself through it. Now I’m finally learning to take it easy during those times and to really “kick butt” when I’m feeling good. Great advice!

  2. I’ve been have a few ‘down days’ I guess. Exhaustion has become the buzz word for me. What I’m doing is giving into it a little. I know myself pretty well. I’ll do this for a short time and then I’ll kick myself out of it with a big burst of energy. I guess we all have our quirks.

  3. David: You make a really good point here. I try to stay focused and get work done for as long as I can. Sometimes, that can be a couple of days if my will power is strong enough, but then I take a much needed rest. After my rest, my energy is at its peak and that is when I really try to make the most out of my time.

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