3 Simple Do-able actions that will make all the difference in your Life

“Life is tough, Life is hard”…..heard that a lot.

In part, there is truth here. However when this message repeats and repeats, it can become fact for many (who don’t know better) who will then believe that everything in Life must be tough and hard.

There are tough and hard parts to our Lives, no mistake.

However in the overall scheme of things, the amount of ‘tough times’ that you experience will mostly come down to your view of your Life and the choices that you make. In other words, Life can be a lot easier, a lot more enjoyable, if you choose a more positive outlook.

I’ve found that focussing on just 3 things helps me maintain my positive outlook.

Life shouldn’t need a ‘rocket science‘ degree to live it. These 3 things may help you as well.

  • Don’t listen to people who constantly tell you negative stuff…..they anchor you down & kill your dreams
  • Say ‘thankyou’ often…..it brings more to you
  • Have a definite idea of where you are going and what you want…..this helps avoid ‘distractions’

Seem too simple? Maybe, however I find that it works & Life can be complicated, so ‘simple’ is good. You may notice some changes for the positive if you try this yourself.

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Be good to yourselves


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13 thoughts on “3 Simple Do-able actions that will make all the difference in your Life

  1. I’m not sure if saying thank you bring more to a person but I find that I like myself better every time I do it. I have a great nephew and niece who don’t understand why I say it every time I turn around. I’ve gotten to the point where I just tell they it comes with age.

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