Living Life Today – Are You Moving or Standing Still?

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Feeling a bit sluggish, a bit flat? Thoughts in dissaray?

This happens to all of us at various times.

However care is to be had here as this temporary phase can become a permanent lockdown.

How do we do avoid this happening to you on a regular basis?

With a clear view of where you are going/what you want to do…this will make all the difference.

Clarity is the key here. Yes for sure the waters get muddied from time to time. However being able to draw upon your ‘own clear message’ will get you back on track…and moving.

Having a sense of direction and an end goal is ‘message’ enough to keep you moving.

When you are not clear then you will come to a standstill.

The longer you remain unclear, the longer you stand still.

With each clear thought a step in the right direction follows and tomorrow will welcome you with open arms…..keep stepping.

If you are unsure of your current thoughts and direction, contact me via email or the social media avenues below and I’ll help you get moving.

Be good to yourselves


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19 thoughts on “Living Life Today – Are You Moving or Standing Still?

  1. You make a good point David. I think we need that clarity in order to get us excited enough to keep moving. Even if the next goal we set is just a Milestone on the way to a bigger goal – it keeps the journey in sight. You always have something valuable to say. Cheers

  2. I just got through a period of standing still. However, I think mine was generally health-related. Once I started feeling like I had more physical energy, my life started moving along the path again. It did worry me some though because it seemed to last longer than it should have.

  3. Hi David,

    I loved the message in this post and the way you presented it. Indeed, as you say, we can all become sluggish at times and our thoughts are all over the place. I also agree that having a clear vision of what we want to do is very important. I use these visions as resources to take my mind to, whenever I get confused about what I am doing.

  4. We all need to have that clariity or like you say we do get stuck. When i feel like i am going in different directions, I take a little break and regroup. Write a few notes out to get myself back on track and the mud time to settle down and clear the water.

    Then with small steps I can move up current again, Thanks for the reminder David and blessings to you.

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