Your Intuition … The Inside Story


Until recently, I had not paid too much attention to my Intuition. I knew that it “was there” however had not delved any deeper.

By chance (intuitively maybe) I came across Angela Artemis and her blog writings. I became more engaged with my Intuition and was keen to learn more.

Now Angela is spilling more beans with her latest book offeringThe Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of “

Reading thru this book has given me greater insight into the power of my own Intuition and how to use it effectively…..and it will for you as well.

“Intuition unlocks your destiny & is your Guide” is a particular quote that I enjoyed…we start with a blank map in life & need to fill in the blanks/steps as we go along. Using our ‘guidance’ via intuitive feel helps us with the steps that we need to take.

Angela takes you thru a number of stages of Intuition. Including “meeting & greeting” your intuition and how to use it wisely by developing your intuition and overcoming any obstacles along the way.

Each stage is set out in easy to read, easy to follow steps that ‘open up’ your insight into this intriguing area of your “Intuition”.

Trusting your Intuition, your gut feel will get you from where you are now to places that you may not have previously thought possible.

It can be a breakthrough, it can be exhilarating & if you are looking for answers that don’t seem to be there, listen to your Intuition, allow it to ‘speak up’….. don’t drown the voice that can help you, with other “noise” that may only distract you.

In short, get a hold of this book. Read it, enjoy it & profit from it thru the applications contained therein.

# Angela Artemis is an Intuition Coach, an Amazon best selling Author and proudly blogs at…..please go visit.

Be good to yourselves


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14 thoughts on “Your Intuition … The Inside Story

  1. Our intuition is not something to be discounted. I know that when I really pay attention to mine (and follow where it leads) – some pretty wonderful things happen!

    Thanks for sharing this – and for highlighting Angela – she’s an amazing soul…

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