Be your own Champion

I wrote a similar post earlier this year called Love what you do Become your own Guru.

And on this theme, I would like to introduce you to your own ”Champion self”.

Inside of you is a Champion, your own champion.

A Champion urging you on to greater things…..greater thoughts, greater actions, greater outcomes.

Tap into your inner Champion and bring out the best in yourself.

When you are in “Champion mode”, Life is a breeze.

So, how do you summon your Champion? How do you bring your Champion out (of hiding)?……read on please.

A Champion goes to the edge & is comfortable being out on the edge. A Champion has belief that the ‘edge’ has plenty of space. Space enough to do what needs to be created, needs to be be done.

You see, our Champion is in our thought system. Being aware that we all have Champion qualities is our key to bringing our Champion in to the open. Simply believe this & have faith that your champion will be there for you when you need him/her the most.

Our Champion probably doesn’t wear a cape, our Champion may seem unassuming. However don’t be fooled for when our Champion gets into stride, Champion things begin to occur, our thoughts become actionable without question, without delay.

Have you felt this at some time? You take immediate action, you are in control, you make things happen. These ‘things’ may seem insignificant to others maybe even to yourself, however your Champion mode is now in full throttle and you are cruising, creating & getting stuff done.

Think it, Believe it, Act upon it.

So when you feel a little flat, a little down…start thinking ‘champion thoughts’ because champions get stuff done that others don’t dare do…and you have that champion inside of you.

Be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “Be your own Champion

    • Hi Nikky,
      Your champion is there, just needs a little coaxing to come out. “Feeling” is also a choice…you can choose to feel excited as an example. Once you make that choice, good things begin to happen…
      be good to yourself

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