Is Time on your side or is it slipping away without notice?

“Time” was something I included in my last post. It’s something that I have been much more accutely aware of in recent years.

As I flip the pages on the calendar of my Life, I am much more appreciative of what “time” has offered to me and how precious it is to me now, tomorrow, next week & so on.

Time is running thru the hourglass for us all.

How often do you think about this?

“Time” is often taken for granted by many as if it is a seemingly infinite resource that we can tap into at any time(excuse the pun), much like withdrawing available funds from our bank account when we need it.

However there will come a “time” (sorry) for all of us when that resource will become dry and there will be no overdraft available .

The present moment is our only guaranteed time here. Taking more time (pun intended) to enjoy, reflect, live life in the present moment is one that should be taken very seriously.

So when you hear the voice inside you or other people say….”another time”, “haven’t got the time …”, “wish I had the time…”, “If only there was time…”, “There’s not enough time”,

consider this… are you spending your time now?

Consider the things that are really important to you and prioritise the time accordingly.

Live in the now, think in the now, dream & visualise in the now because life is a series of “now” moments….. not yesterday or tomorrow moments but “now” moments – live your life, enjoy your life, Now.

What are you doing now?

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Be good to yourselves


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15 thoughts on “Is Time on your side or is it slipping away without notice?

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  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about time since arriving in France. Australia is 8 hours ahead which seems funny to me because we all think we are living in real time… but what is real time? Real time doesn’t exist… only NOW… in this moment when we all breathe in and out together as a collective whole. It’s strange to focus on the given moment… but wonderful as well… [as you point out so succinctly David] Thank you 🙂

  3. It’s a great post David! Thank you very much.
    I always tell myself that getting upset over the past won’t change it but would ruin the present. Worrying about the future won’t make it look brighter as we never know, and it will only ruin the present too. So living in NOW is the solution, and that’s what i am trying to do.

  4. Hi David,
    Time is something we can never get back, so I look at it this way, “I take the time to enjoy everyday as it comes. i glance into the future of tomorrow, but let it be for I am in today. I have learned from the past, so I refuse to return, I am in today and will enjoy the moment.”

    That is how i see time and live by. Thank you for the reminder David,
    Blessings to you,

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