A new (Mid Life) day dawns

A somewhat poetic piece is offered for critique by the blogging Universe this day. This post is a little contrary to my usual however a “change of pace” is warranted at times.

I guess I was carried away by my feelings and felt it necessary “to let it out”…..

Humour me if you will and/or ‘picture’ yourself and your feelings as a new day dawns for you. As I journey thru my Mid Life years, each day that dawns has added significance for me. I hope that it does for you too, regardless of which stage of Life that you are currently enjoying.

“The sun is shining and the landscape is coming alive before my very eyes.

My senses are stimulated as every fibre of my body reacts to the life around me.

As I breathe in this wonder, my thoughts turn to the joy of the moment and gratitude wells within me. How can negativity exist when so many positives surround me?

Slow down from the rapid pace of life, dwell and absorb the moment

Let time stand still and focus on the quiet inside of you and the serenity that surrounds you.

Then re-awaken & be grateful that you can enjoy this moment and those to follow

You can feel truly alive and your fears, your worries, your missgivings are merely apparitions.”

Be good to yourselves


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28 thoughts on “A new (Mid Life) day dawns

  1. Even though I understand this, and advise this, most of the time I don’t DO this myself! We always think that our circumstances are different don’t we. You have reminded me to smell the roses. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi David,

    This was a lovely poem, my friend! 🙂

    I loved how much peace it demonstrated, and how it displayed the true joy of being in the present, no matter how old we are.

    Are we going to get to see some more of this?

    It seems like you have a hidden talent, which the world deserves to see and hear more of!

    Take care, David. 🙂

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