It’s not Rocket Science…however sometimes lift off seems hard to achieve

“Often the simple things become infuriatingly complicated. Some by design, many by us”.

Whatever “it” is that’s causing you distress, angst, frustration & the like, it’s unlikely to be rocket science when you drill down a little.

I love to cut through (thru for my North American friends)…..*now that gives me a thought. The English language is often unnecessarily complicated(at least the version I’m used to)…why not spell it as you say it. I am on a mission to uncomplicate things, so from now I will use “thru”… where was I, oh yeh

I was saying that ‘I love to cut thru’…we often see and hear things that really should be quite simple, being “layered” with  complications whether it be beauracratic red tape, inflammatory or unnecessary language, conflicted thoughts. This can be mind numbing stuff indeed.

There’s probably little that I can do about the beauracracy however the language and thoughts side of things, I can……and so can you. I suggest that you take the time to really think about this… maybe even meditate on it, you will find that the complications/fears are really unnecessary… you just need to examine your thoughts and become much more aware of them.

Clearing up the background noise from your thoughts will invite clearer language and sharper action.

Here are 4 cut thru’s which will simplify your day, week, month & year and your Life :

  • Simply ‘say what you mean’, everytime…don’t bring other stories into play
  • Think in ‘ones’…not twos, threes, fives, seventeens etc, for example “What is the one thing that I can do/stop doing now, that will make a huge difference to my Life”…concentrate on that, master it then move onto the next improvement
  • Listen with both ears i.e listen with the intent to understand the other. This will create simpler, direct communication
  • Focus on doing one thing at a time(instead of multiple)…so that you do it to your best ability

Yet many seem to think that this is too hard(old habits are often hard to break)….. when in fact, it is quite simple. “Life” throws a lot at us however when we have the ball in our hands, we have the power to neutralise any “Rocket Science” issues and make our lives flow without unnecessary complication.

So why don’t we do it? We often say we will but rarely do our actions mirror this(again, breaking old habits). So why be addicted to complication?

If you make life too complicated then you are likely to be anchored to the same spot. Cut thru, simplify your thoughts, language and actions, “lift off” and open yourself to do so much more.

Does this make sense to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “It’s not Rocket Science…however sometimes lift off seems hard to achieve

  1. Hi David,

    You are right on. “Clearing up the background noise from your thoughts will invite clearer language and sharper action.” it is a matter of clearing the background noise in our head.
    Great point and yes we do need to simply our lives. there is definitly to much noise going on.

    You say, “say what you mean”, people are worried about what someone may think, so they are scared to say what they think. Great point again.
    Thanks David and keep up the great work.
    Blessings to you,

  2. It is often about one, isn’t it? one thought at a time, one next step, one focus. We are so good at complicating things and then wonder why our thoughts get out of control. Great advice.
    walk in beauty.

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