Living Life Today – be Excited about your Life

The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Well, are you?…excited by Life that is

Do you look forward to each day?

Do you enjoy what you do?

I see so many “lost souls” meandering through their day seemingly stuck in a ‘trance like’ mode.

I have flat spots during my week, I’m sure that we all do however I always find a trigger point to get me back into excitement mode. It could be anything however it always starts with a thought & I see the key to excitement is “thinking excitement”, with the emphasis on the “thinking” part.

You see, I view my Life as one to be lived not one to just exist in. Simply being Alive is justification to be excited!…’s not something to take for granted. It’s the opportunity to learn, grow, love, share & explore. What’s not to be excited about that!

Being excited draws all the “happenings” to you…naturally. Excitement creates energy & vibration…it can’t help but draw same to you. C’mon join in!

So, what excites you!…Let me know in the comments below

To get the ball rolling:

I am excited by the early morning sun, by endless possibilities that can enter my day, by my daughters’ evolving maturity, by nature, by new friends coming into my Life, by my thoughts and imagination…..and I could go on but I won’t, it’s over to you…

Be good to yourselves


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23 thoughts on “Living Life Today – be Excited about your Life

  1. I am not only EXCITED but AMAZED about my life! In fact I love to live in Amazement! As I read this blog I am sailing from Virginia to North Carolina on a 42′ Laguna Catamaran and having the time of my life!

    Great job on this post – I beieve in excitement and amazement! You are so right so many people just exist and once you get to be in tune with your life, you know and see these people from afar.

    Here’s to living in excitement,

  2. Hi David,

    Just breathing in the new days air gets me excited. Knowing I am healthy so i can get out of the bed in the morning. that i have the wisdom and knowledge to handle anything that might come my way of that given day. Life id enjoying that moment ot minute in everyday. Love the journey called life.
    Thanks David for asking the question and blessings to you,

  3. Lots of simple things excite me. The freshness in the air at the beginning of autumn… the glitter on the sea as the sun swings around to the North. But most of all… I’m excited by the number of chances we get [every day is a new day and a new chance to get on with the stuff we haven’t got to yet] I’m about to set off to Europe. I am on edge… but in such a good way. I think the edge kinda keeps you on your toes LOL Great topic David… and such a good thing to think about and take action on. Life is short. You gotta live it however wherever and whenever you can. Thanks for writing this 🙂

  4. Life itself is exciting and awesome. All around us are miracles and wonder. I love waking up in the morning to a new day. New opportunities, new chances, new endeavors, It’s all about assigning meaning, purpose and joy to our lives and living with intention, being mindful of all that’s out there. We’d need many lives to live out all our goals and interests. There’s so much to engage in.

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  6. Hello David, I’ve learned to replace the negative chatter in my head with positive thoughts of gratitude, acceptance and awareness that each day is a gift. When I feel myself pulled into the doldrums, I make my ABC Gratitude List. Beginning with A, I find something to be grateful for all the way through Z. This helps me remember all that I can be excited about! I will write about this in a future blog post so thanks for the reminder!

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  8. great post…
    I do get excited about all the little things..
    I have been uncluttering material and relationships it seems…
    each time I notice I have let soething go, I breth deeper and see another little…more simple thing
    that is just joy….
    I think sometimes I wonder why there is no sadness when I let go of something thathas been in my comfort zone, but then I figure it is meant to be….
    the past few weeks I have been fragmented? not sure if thats a good word, but thats what it feels
    like, I wonderd if I was taking on someone else’s anxiety? sdness? because I am in neither of those places in my moment….
    may not be bubbling with enthusiasim, but no sadness …

    okay..I will stop rambling…
    I am glad you stopped by tis morning and enjoyed my poem…
    I believe everyone’s story is a poem in the making….
    Take Care…
    You Matter…

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