Just saying it as it is…..Part 1

I am a poor “Rule” follower. I don’t like being;


placed in a box,

told I need to follow this, follow that,

told how I should think etc,

Sure, there are wider society ‘rules’ that one should abide by…..I’m not talking about social anarchy here.

Even though I am fond of Imagining(you might like to check out my Imagination series from last year) and am getting pretty good at it, I still get the feeling that there is (an expectation) that my thoughts, my actions should follow a defined path…not necessarily narrow however only as wide as what is expected by broader society convention.

Today, I am breaking free of my (perhaps self imposed?) restrictions via “convention” and commencing my own set of “rules”…..

If I imagine it, then I will do it

If it serves my purpose, then I will do it

If it enriches me, then I will do it

…….regardless of what others may think or convention may dictate. I am answerable only to myself (with due respect to our higher Authority).

How about you? Do you feel trapped by conventional thinking, categorising, others’ expectations?

Be good to yourselves


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14 thoughts on “Just saying it as it is…..Part 1

  1. YAY… good for you David! [Person after my own heart LOL] I think [within reason]… we all need to draw outside the lines way more [and then perhaps go back politely and fill in the gaps] LOL

    • …and they are meant to be broken, someone said (don’t know why)…if you create a ‘rule’ that works for you, then make the most of it…I’m always dreaming up new rules that suit me
      be good to yourself

  2. Imagine, Purpose, Enrich
    I like these 3 concepts as a compass to living one’s true, authentic life in a way that’s meaningful to each of us.
    Thank you for this great way of viewing it. I will take this away and tuck it in for those questioning times.

  3. I struggle with this every day, David. You’re right — it’s time to make a new set of unconventional conventions!

  4. David,

    This is becoming a more important realization that the creative culture is continuing to grow and expand. I have worked for many bureaucratic organizations and it really sucks the life out of me. I have learned that thinking outside the box and being self-employed is the only way to really have satisfaction with my work. There are people who can handle large corporate structures but I’m not one of them.

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