Feel like you are out of your Depth?…..A Simple way to get level with a 3 step formula

Hello fellow Life Lovers. There are times for all of us when we feel ”out of our depth”…..unchartered waters so to speak…whether it’s caused by…

Fear of the unknown OR fear of the known (results of doing/not doing) & our current circumstances.

Being in ‘deep water’ will manifest all types of fears…..and excuses. Quickly, these get out of control. It is likely that you are imagining all sorts of dire consequences.

“Imagining”, now there’s a key word.

If you have followed me (and I am really grateful that you have) the past few months, you will be aware of my many thoughts on Imagination…..here’s an example

Instead of ‘imagining all sorts of dire consequences’…try imagining a better picture/a better scenario…..A Simple Way of doing this…

The Three (3) steps

Imagine yourself ‘in your new picture’…Transport yourself via vibrant, fresh thoughts to the place or situation where you want to be…..this is so powerful

Reinforce ‘your picture’…see it clearly , breathe it deeply, touch it lovingly. This may seem simplistic however you must be able to see yourself as you imagineyou are ‘there’ doing all the things that you imagined. It must become a part of you, your thinking, your future.

Believe in ‘your picture’…a ‘no brainer’ really if you’ve mastered steps 1 & 2 however Belief is a very deep thing (I seem to have a fixation with depth today). Belief goes further than ‘re inforcement’ in my opinion. You are attaching your soul to your picture.

It doesn’t get much deeper than that.

Does that seem simple enough?

Be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “Feel like you are out of your Depth?…..A Simple way to get level with a 3 step formula

  1. Excellent advice as usual. I call this ‘Acting as if…’ If I have an interview or meeting to go to and I think it might be difficult or confrontational, I run the conversation through my head the way I want it to go. I answer the questions I think may be voiced and I ‘imagine’ the other person is being really calm and reciprocates my own mood. This usually empowers me to deal with any eventuality. Oddly, things often turn out as I imagined! Thanks for this post. Stu 🙂

  2. Hi David,

    I loved these 3 steps! I get a lot of leverage from step 2 and really reinforcing the images I want to make a reality. I usually do this by cranking up the images so that are a really vivid and detailed, so it feels like in my body I already have what I want.

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