Role Reversal…..Your opportunity to Rock!

Hi there fellow Life Lovers. My creative mind has stepped in here so look out!

A different perspective for this post…….you get to do the writing.

I’d love to hear from each of you, one(1) question that you feel is a great means of self discovery….. a question that rocks your socks, so to speak and opens up possibities for you to explore  your own personal growth.

Are you up for it? Yes?…….c’mon, let’s go, I and the blogging Universe will be eternally grateful to you…..and so will  your readers.

  • I will start off.…..”If Richard Branson can do it, what is really stopping me from imagining greater achievements, without any limitations?”

You can probably do better than that. Now it’s your turn to shine, show us your brightness in the comments section below…..

Note….Please leave link to your blog/site with your “question”, so that you receive due recognition from the blogging and wider Universe. With thanks.

Be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “Role Reversal…..Your opportunity to Rock!

  1. Here is one that puts a spin on the “miracle question”: If you woke up tomorrow and discovered that Faith has taken care of all of your needs, what simple act would You do to change the world for the better?

  2. Great post David…and oh so many possible questions…but I’m going with this one.
    If you knew that creation was finished, what portion of creation would you select to experience?
    Encourage each other

  3. Good question David. Here is mine. “If I was to win a large lottery, would I use it for my good or use it to help others in great need?”

    Actually I do have a plan for that, but I always forget to play. OOPS!

    Nothing like starting the day getting the brain thinking. thanks David.
    Blessings always,]

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