When I write, I feel free…when I contribute, I come Alive

Fellow Life Lovers,

Sometimes, I get the urge to pen down my thoughts. That could be a Blog post, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin update……it’s now becoming more often…Why is this?

I have a few core favourites and these are in the main, the way I view Life and my philosophies on how I enjoy helping people with their real Life problems.

I specialise in providing Life Solutions.

It doesn’t make any difference whether that be by way of my blog writing, My Virtual Coach email package or ‘live” conversations with clients/potential clients. It’s the contributing to others, that I enjoy the most (though getting paid runs a pretty close second, let’s be honest)….. See the links below if you would like to contribute to my Pension Fund by signing on as a valued client…I’d love you to.

Now where was I, Oh yeah…..Why is my urge to pen down my thoughts now happening more often?…..a sense of freedom.

Writing for me, is great for my Soul. At times the words simply flow as if my hand is guided. I can get myself into another space, like an alternate universe. And when I write, new, fresh thoughts come to me. So often my challenge is to commence writing and allow the thoughts to come…not vice versa. So when I’m stuck, I begin to write… and allow the thoughts to follow (and the sense of freedom).

I then feel free to explore the far reaches of my mind. Imagination has no rules. (remember my Imagination series?) and when I imagine, it fuels my desire for greater contribution.

That being said, “contributing” is one of Life’s great pleasures… and benefits. If you can add some value to someone else’s Life then I consider that “a job well done”. In turn, you are contributing to your own growth. Life feels good, you feel good…..nothing is a problem, you can bust down walls. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

If we had more contributors, we’d have less problems. I love to help solve people’s Life problems by listening, understanding then contributing with Solutions…..a helping hand if you will.

Who wishes to join me?

Be good to yourselves


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22 thoughts on “When I write, I feel free…when I contribute, I come Alive

  1. David,

    I completely identify with what you said about writing. I’ve been in corporate finance for over 20 years and never thought of myself as a writer – until I started my blog to help others. Now I LOVE to write! Like you’ve said, the muse starts to speak when we start writing. When I go back and read much of what I write, I ask, “Did I really come up with that? That’s great! I didn’t know I had that in me!” When I write, it’s like a wise, hidden part of me finally has a voice. And I feel really good when I let that voice sing!

  2. Hi David,

    I can appreciate what you say about writing giving you a sense of freedom. It’s the same for me too.

    What I like about writing for the personal development area, is it helps to reinforce in my own mind-body, the concepts I’m writing about. Writing as we know, helps to crystalise principles in our lives.

  3. Hi David,

    I love your thoughts on contributing to the world and the power it has.

    One of the sections of our assessments we deliver for businesses looks at a person’s internal dimensions of balance. One of the factors we have them rank is whether or not they feel their work makes a contribution to the world.

    When that factor ranks low, it’s fairly obvious they aren’t happy with their jobs and life.

    Great to see you noticed the same effect.


    1. Hi Bryce,
      Not necessarily contributing ‘to the world’ though that may be a (welcome)by product.Contributing to own personal growth is first step and the ‘sense’ that gives you…..flow on from there is nice though…
      be good to yourself

  4. The freedom of writing and the joy of contributing. That is a powerful combination indeed. How wonderful that you found this passion that frees your spirit and satisfies your soul.

  5. I certainly resonate with the desire to contribute. The desire to help and to make a difference motivates me to do what I do everyday. I thoroughly enjoy the process of sharing, whether through sharing on social media or from my blog. It’s great that we enjoy this in common 🙂

  6. Hi David,

    Writing help us to release our thoughts and feelings on paper and it helps you to help others and provide value. Thanks for sharing my friend

  7. Writing is that for me, too. I love the idea of “contributing” as a way to peace and freedom. We can all contribute to our universe in our own ways, whether that is writing, art, conversation with a friend, or making your kids breakfast. 🙂 When we do something we love, we enter into the flow and positive energy simply shines from us.

    Love this post!

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