Cutting through the Mist

Hello fellow Life Lovers. There are times when things get so daunting that we don’t know where to turn or indeed, where to start. Here’s such a “story” with, thankfully a happy ending. Follow me please…..

It’s the start of a new day, a new week. You have decided that it’s about time for a fresh start. You are tired of the same old, same old. You are going to now make headway, get to where you want to be, time to be successful!

You have great intentions.

You want to get places.

You can’t wait to get started.

That’s all fine. However…….

There’s so much to do, so much information to sift through, so many choices, so many decisions……so much pressure!…..

The Mist descends.

Yes, this can be the situation. Indeed I’m sure we have all been in this boat before at some point. So then what happens?

Often…..nothing. We default back into old thought patterns, we retreat to the safety of our zone where we are comfortable.

”At least it was a great idea”, I hear you say.

You see great ideas are just that. Without action, ideas do not flourish and the ‘greatness’ disappears.

I’ve been banging on about “Excuses” in recent weeks/months and this is what I am getting to here again. What really stops us from taking that action, that beginning step to exercising greatness?

Maybe I’m being a bit hard. “Excuse” is a fairly in your face type word. So perhaps it’s a lack of Belief, a fear of success that’s holding us back?

If it is then you can get it ‘fixed”. Seek some help because some fears can be crippling and lack of Belief will certainly anchor you down. If you want to move forward/be better, there’s no excuse not to (get this fixed).

However if you are just finding your own reasons (I’m being kind) to thwart your progress then some serious soul searching is required. Sabotaging your own Life is inexcusable. Some excuses are as I’ve mentioned before, very subtle. Thought manipulation via lifelong conditioning. This is where it can get tricky.

To cut through this you must be aware of your thoughts. Are they ‘real’?…meaning…are they getting you to take the type of action that will allow you to grow, to expand your ‘zone’?

Examine your thoughts. Take time out, you owe it to yourself to do this. Are your very thoughts becoming excuses?….wearing you down, gently, subtely whispering to you…..”you can’t do that?…..”you are not worthy”…..”that’s too hard”…..”take it easy, there will be another time”

Weed out the poor thoughts and nurture fresh,clear thoughtsthey will be your saviour. Clear thoughts lead to clear vision which will be backed up by clear action and purpose.

No more mist, clear sailing ahead.

What do you do when “the mist” descends? Do you retreat or do you try to work out a better way? I’d love to hear.

Be good to yourselves


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24 thoughts on “Cutting through the Mist

  1. I love the visual of the mist descending. My mist feels like discouragement. I go with it, feel it and continue to act. I don’t let the feeling stop me from ‘acting’. I push through it. It does lift.
    Very nice post. Gentle and soothing.

    • Hi Alisa,
      Thankyou. It can be a struggle, I’ve been in the mist on occasion, it’s no fun. Step back, clear the head, move forward. I would be happy to help you if you are finding ongoing difficulties, just let me know.
      be good to yourself

  2. Hi David,

    When i hit the mist, I grap a towel, wipe myself off and write out the steps to my idea and take them one at a time, so i do not overwhelm myself. if fear creeps in, i take a few deep breaths and hit it head on. If it is a mistake will now I know, but I tried. And that is what counts.

    Great post David, thanks you did put a smile on this face.
    Blessing and you take care,

  3. Hi David,

    I used to be good at “taking care of everything on the list.” Then, life got way too overwhelming (children) and so I started simply taking things off the list. When I started a creative pursuit, suddenly I didn’t know how to do ANYTHING technical associated with it. This flummoxed me for a while because I was so used to being competent at everything (in my comfort zone).

    So what I ended up doing was…one thing. I would just do something. Lots of times people would come back and tell me that “something” wasn’t working or they didn’t get what they were supposed to get, etc. Instead of freaking out about it, I just decided to get rid of the thing that wasn’t working for the moment (always another day to fix it) or just email them the thing they wanted. I found that if I didn’t do this and be zen about it, then everything would just stop and I would be forever lost in the mist. So each day I work on…something. Eventually, it will maybe be what I originally intended, or by then I may have moved on to a different aspect, but the point is, I will have moved forward.

    • …..and a great point there Julie, just do something. Unstick yourself and create some momentum by doing ‘something’. This will give you the opportunity to create something from nothing so to speak. I appreciate you sharing this.
      be good to yourself

  4. Full speed ahead my friend – Great post David!

    FEAR – the self monkey talk that makes us think “who are we to think we can do that or this?”

    It’s okay to be in the mist but the important thing is how we get out of our mist…..clarity is power is what Tony Robbins states and I agree!

    In living in the possiblities of life,

  5. Hi David,

    The mist descending is a great analogy to the fog of our lives. It is the negative mind chatter that holds us back. We need to turn it off and forge ahead. We can come to a place where we don’t care what anyone else thinks, we listen to our heart, our intuition, our gut reaction and following that path. Only then will we cut through the fog. Inspiring post – thank you!

  6. Great message David. Blogging had been like this for me. Starting it was going completely out of my comfort zone but then after a while I began to just go back to a simple routine of writing posts and commenting which gets real boring real fast.

    It’s time for me to start brainstorming some new product ideas.

  7. I am happy to say that although I come across barriers that seem impossible, I have a tendency to start think of other ways to get around them. It may mean backtracking and then taking a different path or digging under the barrier which is time-consuming and messing but I can get past it.

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