One Simple Way… becoming unstuck

This one Simple way will help you to begin to free yourself from the ‘gluepot’ of Life.

You are Stuck, right. Not sure of your next move forward. A million thoughts running through your head, none of them making any sense.

I’m going to tell you something that you have probably heard before, many times.

Pause, take time out.

It’s not brain surgery however, have you done this?…..maybe it’s time that you did, because this will give you the leverage that you need,in your battle to get unstuck. Being “Stuck” can also bring on Busyness, because you are trying to do a lot of stuff, hoping that something good will come of it & you will find a way forward. You will probably not, that’s why you should…..

Pause, take time out….. now that I have your attention

*one simple way once you have paused, is to….embrace your “Gratitudes”

You like me, have so much to be grateful for. Simply spending the time, exploring what you are grateful for, starts to free your mind. Simply writing down your gratitudes, invigorates and tingles the senses. Simply reading them each day opens up the thought processes. Simply re living these wonders creates new pathways, re energises your soul and gets you moving.

This is just one of the simple ways to getting unstuck, there are others. That will be for another post…..

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this.

Why not give it a try and let me know.

Be good to yourselves


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24 thoughts on “One Simple Way… becoming unstuck

  1. Simply, simply and simply – it’s embracing the simplicity that can help free us up. Sighing, breathing, tuning in to our surroundings, feeling appreciative for what we have and as you say, pausing to take it in. We can then ‘ready’ ourselves up to move onward.

  2. Gratitude moments are super powerful. We use them in our monthly meetings and it really sets the tone for the meeting going forward. No one is there to point fingers or ask why you messed up, the whole team just wants to support each other.

    I can see why it would be powerful in helping you get unstuck as well.



  3. Hi David,

    That’s true – you have to pause and get a grip when you’re stuck. Keeping busy is definitely not the way through. Taking the time to get centered and calm, count blessings, breathe deep and remember you are supported always, brings fresh insight, inspiration and that intuition thing that’s always “just right” 🙂

  4. Being grateful for what we have, really can help put things into perspective. Especially if we’ve been worrying about something, which we’ve found difficult to stop doing. Being grateful can make all the difference.

    I like the idea of writing down all the things we are grateful for.

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