The Peter Pan Effect

Hello fellow Life Lovers. This came to me in somewhat of a “blinding flash”, so I just had to pour this out & publish it before it escapes my mind.

I am busily penning my next blog post on Mid Life Game Plans when the dreaded word “old” reared it’s ugly head.

I’m a Mid Lifer and I don’t want to get “old” or have “old thoughts”. I haven’t yet reached my prime, I have so much to do and so much to share.

Peter Pan then popped into my head……..from nowhere. Now Peter Pan is the boy who didn’t grow up, as I recall. I’m grown up however the concept of having Peter Pan thoughts, attitudes and never ending youthfulness strikes me as something of great merit.

We are as young (or as old) as we think & feel.

If you are feeling a bit old at times, try thinking of Peter Pan and add a hop, skip & jump to your day and your Life.

Be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “The Peter Pan Effect

  1. Thank you David for reminding us of Peter Pan – forever youthful….

    Here’s to living with our childlike spirits!

    It’s good to play, it’s great to laugh and even better to enjoy life as a child sees life.

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. When I feel old, I try to see myself as ageless. Typically I feel old when I think of where I am in life and where I thought I’d be at this point. Then I feel so far behind where I wanted to be at this point, and feeling old happens. I then need to focus on the totality of possibilities and gratitude, and then I feel more of my spirit that my age connect to ageless.
    It is important to guide our perceptions!
    Great post!

  3. Hi David,

    Good reminder. We are only as young as we feel. I recently saw something on TV where women in their late 70’s, 80’s and probably 90’s were interviewed because of how they dress. They all loved fashion and went to great lengths to have their own unique style. They were so cute! This may not be for everyone, but just another example of finding something you love and have fun. It keeps you young. Take care.

  4. Hi David,

    Age is something that we all have to deal with. For myself i try to look on the positive side. I think back to when I was younger and say, “Boy, I wouldn’t want to go through that again.” then I am glad I am where I am.

    This reminds me of something my daughter of 30 said to me the other day, She is getting some new carpet and was talking about what she liked. About a year ago hubby and I got some. She says to me, Mom don’t take this wrong, but your carpet reminds me of old peoples carpet.” I said to her, ” the reason for that is we have had other carpet through our lives and now know what carpet last the longest and stays the nicest”. “You to will learn.”

    We gain wisdom as we get older, and hey I don’t want to give that up and have to learn again. We are as old as we feel, so I go for the Pete Pan affect. Now i can act anyway I want and just say, “I am having fun, try it you will enjoy it!
    Thanks David for the reminder
    Blessings to you,

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