To Love what you do…..Become your own Guru

Are you happy with Life?

Do you love getting out of bed each day, eager to embrace what lies before you?

OR …Are things just not happening for you?

Then consider this…..become your very own Guru

Go to yourself for the answers to your problems…….a bit radical?…….not at all, please read on

Think about it. We have most of our answers, we really do. In most cases we “know” what to do…….however, we end up running in circles, procrastinating or just plain giving up……..because, we don’t know what to do with what we “know”, by application or …..we don’t know how to unlock our knowing(we get stuck)…..

a lot of this is to do with our mindset…..

Seek out the Guru inside of you. Push aside any laziness,any procrastination and see yourself in a new light, a new framework, a new mindset…….stand tall, become your own Guru.

When you are feeling down……..summon your Guru

When you are feeling unloved…..summon your Guru

When you are feeling lost…….summon your Guru

Now this is not intended as some sort of spiritual pilgrimage to a mountain top. My intent here is for you to alter your mindset to one of accepting that you are you and that you do have so much inner strength & knowledge to tap into. Then allow this “source of knowing” to come out.

Ask(via meditation, prayer, silence, reflection or whatever suits you best) that the answers come to you…..easily. Allowing yourself to be in an accepting state will help unlock much of your hidden answers.

Don’t be afraid to ask…..if the answers or direction to find the answers don’t come, please do not worry…….it may take a little while, be patient with yourself. If you really get stuck, then there’s always a helping hand available, try here

When we get lost for answers we often look to the ‘outside’ for guidance. Self help books, tapes, seminars, social media etc,

Adopting a Guru mindset can set you on a path to locating the answers that are right for you. The answers that you are seeking may come from within or you will be directed to the correct “source”. Start loving your Life more, give it a try…….what do you think?…..let us all know in the comments below.

Be good to yourselves


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21 thoughts on “To Love what you do…..Become your own Guru

  1. I think you’re on it David –

    The Buddhists state – I honor the GOD in you that is in me….we all have a spiritual essense so why not tap into it…

    Be the change you want to see in you – we all have the power…

    In love and light,

    • Hi Nancy,
      Bringing out one’s personal power not only lights up your Life, it lights up the lives of others whom you touch. We can have a life that we love if we make the effort to do so.Thankyou for your thoughts.
      be good to yourself

  2. No coincidence that I read this today. on my coaching blog,, I’ve started a series about living according to the seasons. I spent a whole bunch of time looking for books on the subject and everyone of them was either unavailable or no longer in print. And then I laughed and realized the Divine was teaching me one of the very lessons of winter – go within!
    I love how lessons are reinforced. Walk in beauty.

  3. Hi David,

    It is so true. We have the knowledge of ourselves deep in ourselves. We are what we repeatedly do. We do only the things what we really need to do for ourselves. We already know so many things.

    Becoming our own guru helps to find the right answers for ourselves. It is so true.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi David,

    I believe in the law that says, “As within so without.” We have got to always look within and once we do, the answers we seek will come to surface. Thanks for sharing my friend

  5. Having that connection with yourself is so important. Something that myself am constantly realizing and learning. Great post about listening to your inner guide:)


  6. Hi David,

    Nice! My problem is that sometimes I get a little impatient waiting for the answer from above. I am learning though.
    This is very helpful and true “to alter your mindset to one of accepting that you are you and that you do have so much inner strength & knowledge to tap into. Then allow this “source of knowing” to come out.”
    thank you and have a wonderful day.
    blessing always,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. i like the Idea David
    once we decide to summon our inner powers our minds will certainly put us in a positive mental state that will enable us to solve our problems
    great post

  8. Hi David,

    This was a wonderful post. You are so right. Our internal Guru has all the solutions to our problems. And yes, as you quite rightly said, meditation is one way that can be used to discover this limitless source of internal wisdom. The Guru is there. I have no doubt about this. What I’m finding personally, is that I’m having to peel a number of layers of false ego, and as I do, glimpses of the Guru emerge! 🙂

    • Hello Hiten,
      appreciate you joining in. Yes we all have a few layers to peel back…..all that comfy ‘excess baggage’ we seem to enjoy carrying around. Keep peeling, your ‘guru’ is in there.
      be good to yourself

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