Living Life Today…….What is “Big” in your Life? Let’s make it Happen

“The Living Life Today series provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

One of my themes for 2012 is to make it a “Big” year, so I got to thinking…..what is/are the Big things in your Life?

What are the standouts, your ‘badges of honour’?

What grabs you & gets the blood coursing through your veins?

Ask yourself…..what is so important to me to make it so “Big”, that I must pursue it & never give in until it’s achieved?

What sets me alight and makes such a Huge difference in my Life?

Is it Love …..for what you do and/or for someone special?… this Big for you?

Is it family, friends?…..If it is, then Express yourself and play Big with them. In fact, play Big with everbody.

Don’t be small… Big! Review what’s important to you, if it’s not Big enough then work on it and make it bigger……or let it go.

What ever it is that’s “Big” for you, pursue it with a passion, nail it down, don’t let it out of your sight.

  • Please share the “Big” things in your Life or the things that you will make Big, in the comments section below.

be good to yourselves


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22 thoughts on “Living Life Today…….What is “Big” in your Life? Let’s make it Happen

  1. Great word my friend David!

    BIG – I encourage to think BIG and dream BIG for why not???!

    My thinking BIG brings me to the transformation of lives. I have been a catalyst to adopt a local family to transform their lives this year. We all go through hard times and why not be there for people that are trying to make it but just need a little push.

    BIG when we come from LOVE and transform lives.

    In gratitude,

  2. I like the BIG! But i would like to add, keeping simply also. When we do things in a big way and keep it simple we can stay focused on the big.

    Keep up the gteat work David and I look forward to seeing and reading your BIG!
    Blessing always,

    • Be Big & uncomplicated may well be the way to go Debbie. Keeping it simple always works best. I don’t like to think small, aiming for Big will bring out one’s best (in my opinion).
      be good to yourself

  3. BIG! You are going to leave your mark this year for sure! Last year was very big for me, so this year, I’m very content with a “smaller” year! I’m eager to see where being open and willing will lead.

  4. Hi David,

    I love this line – “What ever it is that’s “Big” for you, pursue it with a passion, nail it down, don’t let it out of your sight.” It is wonderful to start each year with a positive attitude and to be ready to give 100% to whatever you choose to pursue. Wishing you a BIG 2012.

  5. Just before sleeping last night, I was writing about dreaming Big in my journal. So it is nice to read your blog post about the word “Big” this morning. I love it! Go for it!

  6. 2012 will be a big year for all of us indeed. For me it’s about making room for the big things that I want to do which means I will have to certainly let go of the smaller things that do not serve me.
    I have been having a blast the past year with my blog connecting with so many great people but this year I need to focus more on the big picture of things and cut out the smaller low level things.

  7. Hi David,

    As we are in the beginning of the new year, we have to look at it as a year full of success and prosperity. 😉 Let it be a year filled with success and harmony. Thanks for sharing

  8. I love your choice of words…yet I have a question…Is there such a thing as being too BIG? It’s a new year-yay-and I’ve decided to sign up for a coaching teleclass. The first assignment is all about imagination and using that to create the life I dream. It’s great…until I just went through my ‘last year’ folder, where I had a couple of great projects going…All that work…and nothing came to fruition. I’m having a hard time ‘allowing’ and now it’s coupled with the cost of the class. It feels like I’ve always gone for the BIG and it’s always eluded me…as I sit in my mother’s house, unemployed and broke. I ‘see’ the BIG, I feel the BIG…is it just TOO BIG?
    Thank you for your input,

    • Hi Deidre,
      Thankyou for calling in. I use the term “Big” as a means for people (& myself) to think on a bigger scale…..don’t accept less, think outside of the square, be aware of opportunities & possibilities kind of thing. The actual scale of “Big” is really up to each of us, it’s just getting one to think more, get excited and take some action and raise the bar higher than before.It is also about fully enjoying the important things & people in our lives. It all comes down to our thinking. Hope this helps.
      be good to yourself

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