7 Natural Phenomena that teach us Lessons for Life

Ever wondered what the “Natural world” has in common with us…..”the Human World”?

Plenty!…..”the nature of things”, now wonder where that phrase came from?

I have highlighted in this post, 7 “Natural Phenomena” shared by both the natural & human worlds…..at least my take on them. (what does this have to do with Life Lessons?…read on)

[Growth, perserverance, family, drought, flood, scarcity,  habitat]

Growth…..stagnation doesn’t work. You stagnate, you die, that’s what happens in Nature. The tree needs to spread it’s roots. The young cub needs to grow up strong so he can lead the pack, because only the strong survive. It also happens to us. Stay in the one “spot” for too long, refusing to move, then you “die” inside & get left behind. We as humans need to grow. Spiritually and knowledgeably & with strength of character.

Lesson…..look to grow in all facets of your Life. Only then will you reach the potential that was designed for you.

Perserverance…..keeping strong and keeping going are ideals that lead to success in Nature and in “our world”. Giving up is not an option. Imagine if the seed “thought” that it would be too hard today to break through the ground and grow skywards or the mother lion didn’t bother to hunt for food for her cubs because the weather was too hot. More than likely it is too hot however food needs to be found, even in the most difficult of times.

Lesson…..We can’t afford to give up…..Life is too prescious and better times beckon, do the ‘hard yards’ when necessary and claim your rewards.

Family….. the bonds with and between the animals & plants are incredibly strong. Strong family ties keep animals safe & plants flourish….. they also keep humans safe and comfortable.

Lesson…..maintain strong family ties, cherish your loved ones and always seek to do the right thing.

Drought….. in the animal and plant world, this can mean devastation. No or little food or water. For us, it can have a flow on effect. Plants which need water as their ‘food’ die, many animals depending on plants then are lacking in a food source. We need water to survive and agriculture and many animals supply our food source. This is complimentary co-existence.

Lesson…..when things ‘dry up’ in your Life, bunker in and look for an anchor point. Go to your back up plan. If you haven’t got one, then create one for safe keeping, because ‘things’ won’t always be as good as they are now.

Flood….. devastating for plant life, animal life and humans. Though after such ‘disaster’ it is a time for re building and re generation for all. “Flood” can also mean too much….

Lesson…...it may be time to say ‘No’ to the excesses and review your Life. Rebuild, re generate the areas that have either been neglected or have fallen into dissarray.

Scarcity….. Food, water are the two obvious here. Scarcity has had the benefit of producing new ideas. In times of food shortage, “smarter” ways of sourcing food and maintaining supplies had to be invented. Plants adapted, animals adapted & so did we. The scarcity of various resources in our world has meant that “new” ways have to be invented.

Lesson…..scarcity of thinking will bring us undone. It generates a perpetual ‘lack’ in our own resources when in actual fact we have abundant resources at our disposal. We just need to change our thinking.

Habitat….. Do we create our own habitat or does it “form” us? In nature, certain species are particular to certain habitats where they thrive. Take that habitat away and threat becomes real. Humans tend to create their habitats however often this impacts upon nature…..why do we do this? Our habitat in certain locales, is now coming under threat from nature…..role reversal?

Lesson….. adapt to your habitat. Whether that be macro (external environment) or micro (family, friends, acquaintances, people in general). We first need to get our internal habitat in order. Adapt to change when necessary. Once we have our internal habitat sorted, we can then expand into our circle of influence, where we operate on a day to day basis.

Do you have any other “natural phenomena” that can give us Life lessons? Feel free to share.

be good to yourselves


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13 thoughts on “7 Natural Phenomena that teach us Lessons for Life

  1. Hello David,

    Awareness through Nature – I like it –

    The observer…as in the bird – look at a bird and how they observe – Lesson – we too need to stop and observe….

    Living in the possibilities,

    • Hi Nancy,
      I was appreciating & observing some native birdlife in my yard the other day which became the inspiration for this post. Our minds think alike, thankyou again for calling in.
      be good to yourself

  2. Hello David,

    Great post! I love the metaphors of life. They are very powerful.

    Another one: the seasons of life. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn come back in cycles. Likewise, we have seasons in our life, coming back in cycles. There is a time to rest and contemplate, a time to grow, a time to flourish and celebrate and a time to calm down again while having colorful memories.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi David,

    Love the comparison with life and nature. We can learn many things from nature. I just find it a little sad when I see people out side for a walk or run and they have something plugged into there ears, they are missing so much of nature.

    I do like Marc comment on seasons. The animals living in nature get heavier coats and we also as human, put on heavier coats.
    Thanks again and blessing to you,

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