Living Life Today – When your day feels like a “bummer”

Living Life Today provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

Now our day can be a challenge for all of us…….at times. We all have them and sometimes you just need to ‘ride it out’.

However, when I hear comments like…..”I just want to get through the day”,  “let it be over” or “when is this day going to end”, I know that something(s) has either gone very wrong….. Or the person uttering this, just isn’t enjoying Life and/or isn’t aware of the significance of having the gift of each day…..regardless of the type of day they are having.

If it’s the latter then re evaluation is necessary. Each day is special, wishing it away doesn’t make sense.

When things turn sour, be a ”sook” for a minute then go look for the good, it’s there, sometimes hiding but it’s there.

Each day is a gift, treat it as such. That will bring you back to reality.

“Unwrap” each day as if it is Christmas. “Touch” someone with a warm smile, a kind word, a hug or handshake. This in turn will come back to you.

Take a moment or two and be still….. give thanks that you have the opportunity to have a “bummer” of a day, it’s not that bad, really(mostly anyway)

Many in the world “today” will have had their last day …….we get the chance to have another ”gift” of a day…..

How about we make the most of it?

be good to yourselves


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26 thoughts on “Living Life Today – When your day feels like a “bummer”

  1. I love the way you think my Friend – you know yesterday I asked to see a whale but instead I saw a rainbow – and I smiled for it was good!

    We can make and turn anything into a positive – for example, I’m going camping this weekend and it’s suppose to be in the 20s – so I said to the person I’m going with – well at least there won’t be any ticks!

    In gratitude to being positive,

  2. Hi David,

    Living in the present is crucial and looking for the lesson each moment has for us. When we look for the positive, amazing thing starts to happen to us. Thanks for sharing my friend

  3. Hi David,

    I’m with you. Those “bummer days” aren’t often as bad as we think.

    If I try to think back to one of my past bummer days it’s hard to do. In the moment it feels like it’s the worse thing to ever come your way, but looking back you realize that these days happen and in the end they aren’t the “end of the world” that we made them out to be in the moment.


  4. A stand out message David and, as we approach Christmas, one that’s very important. I think it’s not just when a day ‘feels’ like a bummer, but looks, sounds, and ends up as one that we try to find nugget’s of hope or silliness or enthusiasm. Life maybe lived day to day but life isn’t lived in one day – much can change a mere few hours from now. Don’t blame the landscape just because you can’t see the horizon!

  5. Hi David,
    I love your line – ‘unwrap each day as if it is Christmas’. Yes, each day is a gift and even on ‘bad’ hair days, so to speak, we can appreciate the day as one where we can be actively involved in making it better for tomorrow.
    BTW, I haven’t been receiving your posts in my email. I’m back from vacation so I’m looking through all my emails.

  6. This is wonderful David. When those bummer day’s happen, there most likely is a lesson to be learned. I am with you, why in the world does anyone want to wish there life away?

    Life is for living, learning, loving and laughing. (Thanks for helping me come up with a post) The 4 l’s of life.

    Anyway love the post, short but very powerful]
    Blessing always,

  7. “Unwrap each day as if it is Christmas.” 🙂 Love that! One of the biggest benefits to being present in the now, is having the ability to recognize a not so great moment and separating that moment form the day itself. Each day is a gift 🙂

    • Hi Aileen,
      We have our high’s & low’s and you are right, separate the bummer moments from the great and accept they will happen. Try not to let them distract from the gift of being able to have each day, thank you.
      be good to yourself

  8. Hey David,
    ”I just want to get through the day” – I know this line way to well; I was one of those people you know, hating Mondays 🙂
    I started reading some pretty good books and I slowly came to the conclusion that nothing really exists outside of NOW. Past and future are just thoughts and have no direct relevancy to the very moment we experience as NOW.
    Besides our only power is in the NOW.

    thanks for the share


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