When I close my eyes…….

Now for something a little different.

This is a “live” blog post, or nearly(I couldn’t type with my eyes closed). I am recording what I saw & heard, entirely unedited.

The story unfolded this morning…..

Sometimes when I close my eyes I just see a mish mash of images, voices and thoughts…….a random collection it seems.

However there are other times, like today when I set myself up for a positive visual tour of my mind. This was my experience this morning when I closed my eyes for two minutes…….

I saw and heard:

  • Waves crashing on the shore,
  • a shaft of sunsine glimmering on the ocean
  • a train arriving at the platform…..(what the?)
  • a crisp golf shot landing on the green at my local course followed by a shout from one of my playing partners…”you lucky bugger”
  • Children with their parents dancing in the park,
  • Friends shaking me by the hand, patting me on the back and saying “well done, I new you could do it”
  • Three elderly ladies chatting & laughing at the local shopping mall
  • Walking and talking with my wife and (younger) daughters on a walking trail in the Gold Coast Hinterland @ Springbrook
  • the riverfront and tree lined street @ Noosaville, Sunshine Coast
  • I was walking betwen tables and speaking to (my clients) in a group session on a large timber deck in the sunshine by a river
  • I am by the beach talking with four others about my 58th* birthday, the faces are not familiar

This “exercise” is not directly related to any specfic visualisation technique where one may attempt to visualise ‘things’ that they want or want to happen, which is powerful in it’s own right.

I wanted this exercise  to be an ‘open book’ examination of (positive) images & thoughts that have happened to me/will happen? and see how this would play out.

It is letting the mind meander with direction, in this case positive, picking up the vibe (of positive enjoyment)and creating a mental picture/video of the result…….maybe it’s unique to me?…..No, I think we can all do it.

Normally, I will close my eyes for a couple of minutes, 1-2 times per day which helps shut out any existing distractions around me. I will give thanks for the many positives in my Life and thanks in advance for the things that I want to happen. This commences my visualisation intent.

However, today I thought I would again experiment as I’ve outlined above. No particular focus other than on positive thoughts. My mind then played out a “movie” of particular positive/happy incidents that have occured(I’m sure) and others that I am guessing will be part of my future…..interesting. Can I predict my future? Am I seeing beyond the veil?…..I don’t know for sure……* I am still 56

However I do know that the mind is a powerful beast and there’s much about it that I still have to learn. I am now more of the belief  that I can train my mind to focus on the positive and remove the negative “at my command”…..and predict or project poitive images of my future?…..this is indeed good.

How about you?

Do you want more control over the selection of your thoughts? OR am I talking gibberish here?

be good to yourselves


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14 thoughts on “When I close my eyes…….

  1. I believe in the POWER of the thought for first we have a thought and then feelings and action follow – so why not have positive thoughts so great feelings and emotions can follow?

    I’m with you dude!!!!

    Livng in the possibilties,
    Nancy (Dudette)

  2. Hi David,

    There is no doubt that most of us want to think positive and control our thoughts. When we close our eyes and just focus on what is positive, great things start to happen to us. This is why I personally love meditation and to give thanks on a daily basis to God. Thanks for sharing David

  3. Wow. That’s beautiful, David.
    Oh and hello by the way!

    I’ve done this myself. It’s makes me wonder about what lies beyond our own reality. If we can experience these things through our own minds, what can we thus achieve? All the beauty we see is created inside. I wish I could give you a hug now. This post went straight to my heart.

    Controlling our thoughts is hard at times, but it can be done with practice and just observing and being, as you wrote here. You know, I think I’ll try this out now 🙂


    • Hi Sol,
      Thank you for your touching comments and for the hug, much appreciated. Glad that you called in, hope to see you again. Talk about going straight to the heart, I am just about to post a brief one on that very subject.
      be good to yourself

  4. Hi David,

    the mind is a wonderful part of us. We just have use it in positive ways and it will always lead us in the right direction. I have to try doing this. Besides it does sound like fun.
    As Nancy says, “I’m with you Dude.”
    Thanks you for sharing this mind test with us. Anyway that is what I call it.
    Blessing always to you,

  5. not gibberish at all. the mind, the heart, is an amazing part of us. We can see within, without, before and beyond. This is one of the reasons I’m going to buy a digital recorder. Because I have these types of visions – it’s how I refer to them – and would love to record them as I am ‘seeing’ them. walk in beauty my friend. Great days are ahead.

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