One more valuable lesson from my dog & friend, Sam

Some of you may remember a post I did a little while back, 7 Key Lessons I learned from my dog Sam. It was a popular post & covered the many key lessons that we all can apply to our lives. It was a little ‘outside of the box’ but hey, you can learn so much by observing others, in this case, my pet dog, Sam.

Well I have learned One more valuable lesson. Sam had a recent injury & is now recovering at home from surgery. He had an operation this week to repair a snapped Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Did he complain? No, he just got on with it. There he was limping around, after diagnosis by Vet last weekend, business as usual. No complaints.

Sure he must have been in pain though I think he is now in more after surgery, at least in the short term.

Nevertheless, he soldiered on as I said, business as usual…..except for his daily walk with me that is.

“Resilience under pressure”…..doing what you have to do regardless of the obstacles.

This is another lesson well learned. Doing what has to be done regardless of how you feel either personally or how you feel about the job at hand.

“Resilience” is something that we all need to draw on when things get ‘tough’. Inspiration gets you into a state of “I’ve just got to do it”…..Motivation pushes you “to do it”…..Resilience helps you “keep doing it” when obstacles appear.

When have you needed “resilience” in your Life or are there times when you wished you had used some? Share your thoughts in the comments below, you know I like to read & reply.

By the way, the love of my faithful friend is being returned 100 fold from all our family during his recovery.

be good to yourselves


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26 thoughts on “One more valuable lesson from my dog & friend, Sam

  1. It’s great that dogs or pets can teach us a thing or two about cultivating positive values. Thank you for sharing what Sam has to teach us all. I wish him a speedy recovery!

  2. Our animals also teach us on a daily basis. My gorgeous miniature dachshund is totally blind but still leads a relatively normal life. She still runs around our yard (we just need to be careful not to add any new obstructions) and does all the things she used to – and especially loves her walks with me.

    She shows me on a daily basis that this aspect of her life does not determine all her outcomes – no excuse – you just get on with what you have – a wonderful lesson

    • Thank you Brenda,
      I’m sure that you reciprocate your dachshund’s love. There are plenty of lessons to be learned by observing others…..and our pets especially. I appreciate you calling in & commenting.
      Be good to yourself

  3. Hi David,

    Being resilient is very crucial if we want to move forward with our life and achieve our goals and desires. There is no point in complaining and playing the victim. We have got to take responsibility for our lives. Thanks for sharing my friend

  4. Get well Sam!!!!

    I love learning life’s lessons from our animals… especially virtuous ones. “Resilience” is one. I remember the time when our golden retriever was living out her last days suffering with stomach cancer, I couldn’t help but be amazed every time she wagged her tail when we were in her presence. I could see the smile on her face especially when she thought that we were going for a ride. In great pain, she still showed the greatest joy. It seemed as if for every moment she had a bit of pain, she focused on something to make her happy… and then she was happy!


    Animals are wonderful teachers…

    Thank you for sharing, David.

    • Hi Ajen,
      Thank you for sharing this. Sam is improving. His first post op check up is today. Our faithful friends are tremendous and always strive to give us joy, many lessons learned.
      be good to yourself

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