Living Life Today – Excuses don’t cut it

“Living Life Today provides a platform to think about your Life as it is Now, enjoy what you have, review and create an even better future for tomorrow”….. Short, sharp & easily digestible.

“Excuses” come in a variety of forms. Some are in your face falseties, others more subtle.

When we don’t want to do something we enter ‘excuse world’ and validate our reasons for not doing.

These are what I call obvious excuses, you know the ones.

You control the reason behind the “excuse”. These are conscious actions.

What isn’t so obvious are the ‘other factors’ at play being the subtle excuses.Excuses don't cut it Blog post

These have been built up over time via your Life conditioning and your thought processes.

You [and I] have allowed our minds to play an easy game with narrow boundaries, limited end zones.

A keep the ball in play at all costs, no risk type of game.

You have been tricked. These are subconscious actions.

Involuntary if you like.

“Nah, I couldn’t possibly do that”…”I’ve never tried that before, why try now?”…  ” I’ll just wait for the right moment/time” could be examples of thoughts at play here.

And these are thoughts which become the “excuses” of Your life. No risk, no reward types of excuses. These thoughts anchor you to the spot.

At the end of the day Excuses hold you back.

What excuses can you eliminate from your Life Today? Let me know by commenting below or just pen some thoughts anyway. Love to hear from you.

** This post was refreshed May 27 2015


Be good to yourself


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32 thoughts on “Living Life Today – Excuses don’t cut it

  1. Hi David,
    Excuses don’t serve us. If we want to achieve our desires and goals, we have to stop making excuses in life. We have to make a solid decision to go after our goals. Thanks for sharing

  2. A lot of people like to give excuses for everything. Just this morning on Twitter I saw someone tweet ‘Don’t give excuses for hating Monday – embrace the new week and make the change yo want to be!’

    Excuses says very little for the person… it just shows the lack of motivation to succeed at times.


  3. Thanks David for the reminder on excuses. They just don’t cut it and get you know where quick. I don’t no that I would call it an excuse, but on the weekends I do back of my site some. Need to get ready for a new week. Is that really an excuse or is it a smart decision?

    Thanks again and blessing to you, David.

  4. Good reminder. I like how you distinguished between the obvious and the subtle excuses. Both types hold us back. I smiled, too, David. My dad used to say “be good to yourself.” Thanks. Annis

  5. I’m a fan of testing results. It helps me stay open to new possibilities, and periodically surprise myself. That builds momentum.

    Excuses or a victim mindset, just aren’t very effective for getting meaningful results.

  6. Subtle excuses are doozies! It is so easy to point out other peple’s excuses and, yep, if we are honest with ourselves, we know when we are blatantly giving an excuse. However, those subtle excuses. Those are tricky little bugger aren’t they? Like you had mentioned these are the ones that are engrained in our thought processes that it affects our behaviors. They have been conditioned by the very world we live in and in many case are accepted as legitimate reasons explaining our behaviors. Thank you for this post… it does call us all to be more mindful of our actions.

    • Hi,
      and thank you for taking the time to post such a thoughtful comment. The ‘subtle’ ones are sneeky, we don’t know that we are holding ourselves back at times. One must be aware.
      be good to yourself

  7. Hi David,

    This is a great post. A lot of people make excuses for themselves and their lives. For them, making an excuse is easier than facing the problem head-on or even acknowledging it. Personally, excuses are for those who are lazy if you ask me.

  8. Hi David,

    Excuses are for losers, winners find reasons and ways to move forward. Actually excuses and successes are both creations of our own making. They do not exist from the beginning but we created them to either hold us back or bring us more life.


  9. David,
    We can easily give into excuses for why we didn’t accomplish this or achieve that. I like to tell myself, “Just do it!” We’re all human and succumb to excuses and procrastination at times and that’s okay once in a while. I’m not a machine – I get cranky, tired, frustrated and bored with things at times so, sometimes doing nothing or finding an excuse is a way to give myself a rest. I think what counts most though is that you “do more doing” rather than coming up with excuses over all in you life.

    • Hi Angela,
      Doing the doing and keep moving forward I find is the best(I am about to publish a post on something very similar to this). We are only human, we certainly need our rest & I’m with you on the frustrations etc,…..keep doing your best.
      be good to yourself

  10. “At the end of the day Excuses hold us back.” This is the tough self honesty that I use to push me past by excuses – when I catch myself holding my own self back with excuses it stirs up a lot of emotions. They take many shapes and forms, and I’m finding that they are often so well disguised I believe them for a period of time. It’s worth the inner work to be a master of one’s pwn life – sometimes I wish it were easy – but it’s always worth the work!

    • Hey Aileen,
      I’m sure that it would take a lot to hold you back. You seem to me to be one who loves getting things done & I’m sure you are working hard at it. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
      be good to yourself

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