One Mid Life “Rule” that I keep coming back to…..

If there must be “rules” then I have found this to be the best one to use during my mid life years, please read on & discover what it is…….

I love my “mid life ” years and have written a few posts on this topic. Links to some of these are at the foot of this post if you would like to view/bookmark at your leisure. I have also included this video on some further thoughts of mine regarding this post, hopefully you enjoy…..

When I entered my mid life, I scarcely gave it a thought. Then things started to happen, strange things. I began to question what I was doing, work wise firstly. I began to think about Life more broadly. Maybe my thinking was too narrow to start with. Does this sound familiar?


I had a happy family environment and mostly everything was going along swimmingly…..Life was pretty much “a beach”. However something kept nagging at me…….maybe at you as well?

Your mid life years are to be treasured. They may take some getting used to if “hitting 40” is a big deal to you but it shouldn’t be. I’m not a great one about worrying about the calendar of Life, they are just numbers after all. However, if reaching 40 does impact upon you and give you a “shakeup” then that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

It’s how you ‘feel’ that matters( not the numbers) And it’s this “feeling” that grows as you move through your mid life years (I won’t use  terms such as “getting older” or “aging”). I can’t quite put my finger on it, I guess it differs for all of us however my “feeling” has been one of wanting to achieve more and that I have untapped capabilities. I also feel fit, healthy and virtually indestructible. So this ‘feeling’ about yourself, your attitude toward yourself & Life will always play a large part in how your Life works out.

Be prepared for more learning…..So, how do I learn?

and this leads me to the No1 thing that I am always coming back to…….

The One Golden Rule and I am not a fan of “rules” however this is a good one to have. Asking Questions,  it get you places, it opens doors and is the gateway to further learning & opportunities. I’ll qualify this….. asking yourself questions gets you places…..& then if you run out of questions, go ask ‘the right people’ to get you even further.

This I believe is so important to understand in our mid life, because our questions change. They are different from our earlier years. So we need to up our skills at questioning or maybe we have lost the art of asking the right questions?….. something to consider?

We may have gotten used to accepting how things are and how we think that they are likely to pan out.

Accepting ‘what is’ and ‘what is likely’ is being less of what you can be

You can continue that way and float through Life or you can exercise your ‘power’ by asking. I see the ‘asking’ as rather like a personal challenge. If I can overcome this challenge, then I am better for it.

So, if you want to thrive in your mid life years, just ask yourself “How can I make this better and even more enjoyable?” …….that question may open the floodgates, keep asking, keep refining your questions and the answers will also get better.

There’s a few questions in the links below that may get your thoughts percolating, if they aren’t already.

Now, who’s up for a question or two?

be good to yourselves


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20 thoughts on “One Mid Life “Rule” that I keep coming back to…..

  1. Hi David,

    When I turned 40, it did me not so much. It is just a figure. But is true – live changes after 40 and you get the fruit of what your life before that. For me, it were the years of starting to take responsibility for my life. It starts with the face: did you know you cannot change your face impressions after 40? Your face is printed and every form will stay like that. It is an interesting feeling …

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey David

    Great inspiring post! I turn 40 next year and I can’t wait! Just been reading think and grow rich, in it Napoleon Hill says most people aren’t really successful until they turn 40. Mind you I am not waiting until then, let’s keep taking action every day.

    Cheers Beanie

  3. Hello David – When I turned 40 I didn’t see that as a mid life thing – NOW I’m 51 and still not feeling this mid life thing – I am living the BEST life that I’ve ever lived right now. Been a nomad for about 3 years now and have had amazing adventures. I live right on the Atlantic ocean at this time and when I awaken every day with the sound of the ocean and dolphins jumping in JOY!

    So I believe I am living my passion – inspiring others through my website and being good to myself,

    In gratitude to you,

  4. David,

    I’m fully in my mid-life years now, too. I turn 50 years old on my next birthday and I’m questioning everything from what makes me happy to what I want to do – right now.

    Life you, I embrace these years because for the first time in my life I finally feel like the real Alex!


    • Hi Alex,
      We all have the questions to ask, my friend. Keep asking, the answers will come. You are the real deal, embrace that & love being you. Thank you again for your contribution.
      be good to yourself

  5. Hi David,

    Will i am not going to tell you the number i am at. 40 does open your eyes a little wider I will say. As we get older what is really important changes is the way I see it. The key to life is never stop having fun, laughing and being a kid every chance you get. Yes,we keep learning, but we can have fun doing it.

    David you ask, “How can I make this better and even more enjoyable?” My answer in the years of wisdom that i have acquired (LOL) would be. enjoy people not things, laugh as much as you can and as hard as you can. soak up the sun (I know it is bad for you) and stop listening to all
    the research that is bad for you. If we did or didn’t do all those thing there would be NO fun. As
    they Say Just live like you are dying, because actually you are!
    Blessing to you David, and thanks

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thankyou for taking the time to contribute. And you keep ‘your number’ secret if you wish. Your response to this question is great….enjoy people, laugh often & hard. I’ve soaked up plenty of Aussie sun however my skin is feeling it, even though I tan easily… I have toned it down a bit nowadays. However, there’s nothing like sunshine on your back to make you feel alive. Thank you
      be good to yourself

  6. Hi David,
    Questioning is what I do all the time. Am I doing enough? What am I meant to be doing? Am I making a difference? I’ve always asked and thought about these things but hitting mid-life created even more angst and urgency for me. There’s more of an awareness of death (not in a morbid way but rather as a natural part of life) and therefore it’s a constand reminder to live life well and purposefully.
    Very interesting piece. Thank you.

  7. Hello David,
    I think we begin to question life in general as we mature. If you think about it we are born into a world that we didn’t help design and we just kind of do what we are told or do what everyone else is doing. It is our soul that gives us this “wake up call” to start living life consciously and by our own choosing.

    Take Care…

    • Hey Justin,
      Questioning comes natural to some. Unfortunately others just accept or put up with ‘what is’. Choice kicks in for the fortunate ones who begin living to the full. Thank you, great comment.
      be good to yourself

  8. Hi David,

    It is all about our attitude and what we think about mid age. If we enter the mid age with positive attitude, then we move on with life in a positive way. The way I look at it, 40 is just a number. 😉 Thanks for sharing my friend

  9. Hi David –

    Someone told me life begins at 40, and I believe it! ‘Tis all in our view of things, as you know. Make it Amazing, whatever it is. You deserve the best!

  10. Hi David,

    Mid Life comes quickly. We think we are young forever and then before we know it, we are celebrating our 40th birthday… I feel better now in so many ways than when I was younger. Asking questions is a wonderful way to keep your mind active and your curiosity thriving. Being a life long learner keeps you young. When you are willing to learn new things and explore life, your days will be filled with joy. Inspiring post!!

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