Living Life Today…….quick bites to snack on

Hello and welcome to “Living Life Today”

“Yesterday is gone, Today is here (& Now) and tomorrow is your future

This is the first instalment of a new series. In case you missed the introduction the other day, you can catch it here

Today I have some short juicy bites as an opening entree…….

# Did you know that when you smile, your inner self dances? How about making someone else dance with your smile?

# When you brush your teeth in the morning, “brush” your attitude as well and give it a shine…….a shiny, positive attitude will serve you well and all those with whom you come into contact.

# Meaningful conversation is food for the soul…….embrace someone Today with your thoughts, listening and understanding

and to keep yourself going throughout your day, you need Energy.  Feast on this…….


Nerve tingling




Ynot use it, you have it

Now, who can do with a dose of Energy? I can’t live without it. Why not assign your own ‘words to the letters’ above & share your Energy in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

be good to yourselves


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18 thoughts on “Living Life Today…….quick bites to snack on

  1. Hi David,
    Well let me see what I can do with the word Energy on this Monday morning.
    E is for Early, The early bird catches the worm.
    N- is for nourishing. Nourish the mind and the body and have a wonderful day.
    E- is for En-lighting. Learn something new everyday and your future will always be enriched.
    R- Rebuilding. Everyday is a new day to rebuild what we have learned from the days left behind.
    G- Gratitude. A time to reflect on the wonderful gifts that we have in our life.
    Y- Yearning. Being like a sponge and absorbing all the wonderful thing in life that await us.
    guess that is my take on the word energy this great Monday morning.
    Blessing to you David and thank you for start my day off right.

  2. ENERGY…
    E – Enlightenment
    N – Never give up
    E – Even when you feel as if you can not make it
    R – Remember that you are powerful individual
    G – Go forth with this in your heart
    Y – You can do it!

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