4 Simple Goal building steps that can be truly Life Changing

I was watching some pidgeons & doves in my backyard this morning scrounging through left over birdseed that I had thrown there. Apart from my usual amusement, it got me thinking ( oh no, not thinking again), about ” searching for crumbs” and scrounging or scraping out an existence, survival if you will.

There are times when we all feel that if we can just survive the day, week , month…..things will turn around. They can, most often with a change in thought process. However one can get stuck in “survival mode” where each day you man up or woman up, at the battlefront.

So, I thought that I would pen down some “survival” type tips that if worked on, will get you off the floor and on the road to “thrival”

Goal Number 1…..Have a Goal that will elevate you above ground. Walking the ground floor or even dwelling in the cellar are not the places to live your Life. It can be a simple goal, in fact the simpler the better. I want you to build some confidence. Just getting a goal established, will give impetus to new thought and new energy and will get you started!

Goal Number 2…..Set a Goal that will build on No 1….a “back to back” goal, a momentum builder. A Goal that will move you up the food chain, little by little if necessary however you must climb. Leave the pain (and comfort) behind. Pain & comfort are strange bed fellows, it’s amazing what hurt people go through to stay comfortable in their own world regardless of how poor a situation it is. So if you attempted Goal No1 and got yourself moving, with a little more effort, Goal No2 can have you elevating yourself even further.

Goal Number 3…..You are now floating above “the crumbs”…..you can see more light, new hope. You are energised and probably in some awe of what you have achieved….. or in shock. You may need a breather and soak in your success, that’s ok, however not for too long, further success awaits. Goal No3 is the goal that will cement your new thought processes. Start to get bold. You have gained some Traction and are stepping forward and building momentum

Whatever goals you selected @ 1&2 go a little bigger. You now have the hang of it, so keep climbing. If you need some support here, contact me & I will help you get there.

Goal Number 4….Develop your sense of direction and Purpose.

What? Where’s Goal No4?…..As a Life Coach, goals are expected to be a large part of what I do. Goals do have a vital part in setting up your Life provided they are established correctly. However I place greater importance on “having a sense of direction and purpose”, so for this post, this is my Goal No 4. This is not to diminish the 3 previous goals. In the situation that I have described for this post, these 3 steps were vital to get you moving from survival up the food chain.

However, be warned, setting and achieving goals may well get you “there” and that’s fine. If later on you find that “there” is not the “there” that you want, then it becomes a bit of a waste. Establish your direction before establishing your goals.

Doing this will then become purposeful, because you know where you are going and it will provide meaning to your Life because you are doing and going to a destination…….rather than “searching for crumbs”.

Does this make some sense? Feel free to comment as always.

Be good to yourselves


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26 thoughts on “4 Simple Goal building steps that can be truly Life Changing

  1. So true it’s all about vision and purpose – once you have your purpose set up then you can set your goals wherever they need to be to get you towards your purpose…

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. Hi David,

    Having a purpose and having a great goal in life is crucial if we want to become great achievers and fulfill our duty on earth. Once we find our purpose and set a great goal, we will achieve our goals. Thanks my friend for sharing

  3. HI Steven,

    Great sequence of goal setting that will take us to a greater place. Each step brings us greater power and fufillment. I love goal setting and seeing it done.

  4. As someone new to offering L-Cin’/launching my first blog/using WP.com – I thought to look at other related WPblogs … and I am already seeing revealing results; in that the title of a blog’s post can attract or … not.
    Obviously the title of your post here attracts. I look forward to following the posts … appreciated, r

  5. Hi David,

    Survival mode, I like that! When those thunder storms hit we do have to know how to stay afloat. Great tips here to get your head out of the ground floor and into the high rise.
    thank you for sharing and now I will move on to another purpose before the day is done.
    Blessing to you David and have a wonderful weekend.

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